“Today” is the hardest

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Even though I post daily on my Facebook page, www.facebook.com/heathershealthyhabitsdoingitforme,
I haven’t taken time to really write and reflect over life lately.   I
wanted to record some recent publications and travel.

I don’t think I’ve written about being in the June/July
issue of TOPS News.  It was a great story
and well written considering my lifetime struggle and being a survivor of
morbid obesity. I was used in a TOPS Healthy and Active magazine and that was
on the back cover.  The article was 3
pages and they even included one of my recipes!! 

I went to Milwaukee, the “motherland” of TOPS and the
headquarters, for the 2014 International Recognition Days.  It was a great week long experience with old
friends, new acquaintances and time with just me and God too!  It was all good.  It’s always such an inspiration to see others
celebrated for their success.  For me it’s
still kind of hard to believe that I’m among those being celebrated.  I did crown the new TN State Queen for 2013
as outgoing 2012 Queen back in May yet was still able to walk across the stage
as a Century Club Award recipient, having lost over 100 pounds and keeping it
off over 52 consecutive weeks, during their Lost Baggage presentation for
before and after clothes sizes from a 30 to a 12/14 and as a KOPS – Keep Off
Pounds Sensibly.  The ride to and from
was GREAT too!!

On the ride back it became a little hunt.  A hunt? 
Yep!  My article came out in First
for Women magazine in the August 4, 2014 issue. 
We had stopped at a gas station and I saw the previous edition with Dr.
Travis Stork on the front, from The Doctors. 
I inquired if they had the new issues to put out.  They went to the back and retrieved a
box.  There I was- on the FRONT!!  There were 3 magazines.  I bought one, a travelling friend bought one
and the cashier got the third.  It was
quite AMAZING to see myself on the cover of a magazine.  I wasn’t the “Cover” person but I was an
inset on the front!  Water is so very
important to our bodies.  It was an honor
to share my experience.  I hate that TOPS
isn’t mentioned.  I have had people find
me on the internet and even call to talk to me. 
Blessed beyond my imagination.

That’s one thing I always try to do.  If someone is interested in health and weight
loss I will try my best to stop and make them the focus.  If God can use me to help someone I am here
for His service and to give Him the glory. 
This brings me to a whole other topic that I’ll post separately. 

Weight wise I’m trying to hold my own.  I still say that ”today” is the hardest.  It’s not easy maintaining.  It is still a conscious effort at every meal
and food opportunity to make the right choice. Over and above everything else
and all the obstacles that the world provides I have to be victorious for me,
for God.  It wasn’t easy losing the
weight nor is it now to maintain but I will NEVER give up on ME because God
doesn’t!  I am Doing it for ME!