Grocery store Soapbox

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Okay I am going to get on a soapbox for a minute. Bear with me….

Walking around the store tonight I was actually more observant than usual. (I would not make a good witness.)

When I am in that type of environment I typically block out all the stuff I choose not to put in my body, yet have to “see” what my family wants.

I do look at people. It’s good to say hi to those you know. However, It’s disheartening to see the physical condition of society to the point of some not even being able to walk through the store due to physical/medical limitations caused/enhanced by excess weight.

Tonight I saw what was in the isles at a glance.

How many companies exist that manufacture processed/canned “food-like” products?

It’s an instant world we live in, not producing anything ourselves, just going about our busy lives eating on the run, “nuking” foods and trusting that what is consumed is safe.

Just because we can physically eat something instant and not instantly die from it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t slowly kill our cells, infect our bodies and ultimately develop “minor” to “major” and even “terminal” consequences.

The way I eat now is healthy. It’s not 100% unprocessed yet much closer than ever in my life before.

I am the steward, the keeper, of this body. My soul, that God created, is housed in this form. It’s my responsibility and privilege to have the knowledge of how to care of it. A friend was quoting scriptures that I need to write down for reference.

Eating things without nutrition labels does seem to be the healthiest way to go-vegetables, fruit, nuts, meat.

To compare the nutrient values and taste of fresh verses canned there’s really no comparison, especially with taste.

I season with herbs and spices for flavor. Sometimes I’ll use Walden Farms zero calorie products. It’s interesting how companies market their products to make them appealing, no matter the expense we pay with our body and health. Gravies, sauces, and dressings mask the taste and offset nutritional benefits.

Well I could go on and on and I’m sure it will be discussed again….. I’ll come off my grocery store soapbox.

As for me- I will continue to feed my body as healthy as I can with what’s available and affordable. I can’t serve God if I can’t take care of me. It’s my right. It’s my duty.

I am Doing it for me!