Another poem… Gone Away

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Life has been busy with work, kids and of course the holidays.  I am doing well 20 weeks out of major surgery for skin removal.  Life is great and I can’t complain.  I am blessed beyond measure.  There is a small issue of lymphedema, swelling in extremities from manipulation of the lymphatic system (armpits).  In time all will be well. I am not worried or concerned.  I am in therapy for treatment and recovery.

I got the urge to write and you know how I am about that.  I have to run with it and let it out.  So here ya go… Another poem….

Gone Away

I am 20 weeks out of surgery today.

I woke up skinny with the skin cut away.

Dr. Ordon and Dr. Chopra did an amazing job on me.

I am ever so grateful for their generosity.

My life has changed by choices I made,

the excess weight I’ve carried has gone away.

The skin that was hanging to remind me off my past

has been removed but the memories still last.

I cannot and will not ever forget

the years of anguish, but live with no regret.

God had a plan and I finally obeyed,

I changed how feel, I love ME today.

I have more value and worth than ever before.

I am important and am doing this for me evermore.

It’s a health-style not a “diet” the way I live now.

I eat healthy and move as my schedule allows.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow I will still be me.

I’m becoming the person I was meant to be.

The confidence came from somewhere down deep.

The humbleness of success often makes me weep.

I never intend to return again

to the morbidly obese condition I was in.

Every day is an opportunity to make it all right

and tomorrow’s another chance to battle the fight.

There’s always temptations and struggles that abound

but I turn to God for help, in Him peace can be found.

Love yourself as much as God loves you

and treat your body as He intended for you to do.

I have changed my life and am ready for what’s yet to be.

I am healthy and capable I’m doing it for me.

Heather Gum

I hope that you are doing well on your journey to a healthier you.  This time of year has it’s trials and temptations everywhere!  Don’t wait till next year, after the holidays. Get a head start on YOU today.

You are worthy! We all are worthy. You have to believe it, feel it and act on it.  Be all that you can be, that you’ve always wanted to be and make your dreams reality.  Only you can do it for you (NOT for anyone, or anything else). I am doing it for me!

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