Dear Heather

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Dear Heather,

I understand that you are having some issues right now.  You have been through a tremendous amount of changes in the last few years.  Your life has been one of consistent hurt and betrayal emotionally, mentally and physically by others and even yourself.  What you have done in the past doesn’t matter any more.  Things can’t be redone or reversed.  You have to move forward the best that you can, letting go of the past, forgiving yourself as God forgives you.

Let’s talk about relationships for a minute.  Everyone needs friends and family but not always is your family your friends.  People need support in different ways and people offer support in different ways.  The type of support that you seem to need might not be available from those that you know.  So what do you? You reach out for guidance from God.  He is always there even when no one else is.  He is always there when you’re happy or sad.  He always is there to support you but you have to let Him. No it’s not always easy to do.  After all, we are creatures that want to be in control and right.

I know that there are people that have problems with the positive changes you have made in yourself by losing weight whether it’s jealousy or envy, or whatever reason they claim, it doesn’t matter.  You need to have and keep positive influences in your life. Get rid of, or stay away from, people that make you doubt yourself, that lead you into temptations and those that don’t offer what you need.  Pray for those that do you wrong keeping in mind that Gods wrath will be upon them in time and it’s not deserving of your time and energy.  With that being said, you must treat others how you want to be treated as well.  Listen to those that need a friend, a sounding board or even ask for your opinion or advice as you need them to do for you. People will come into and leave your life as God deems necessary. All you can do is to try your best to be a friend, be nice to everyone and make the most of this life.  You only get one chance at it.

Now for your weight loss, let’s talk about a few things and how it’s changed you.   It’s amazing that once you started losing weight how your confidence has grown. It’s great to see the smile on your face that’s been missing for years, decades.  When you walk into a room you are proud to be who you are regardless if anyone knows your history of morbid obesity or not.  Confidence is a good trait but don’t let it overtake you.  Always remain humble.  You are so very appreciative of your success and it shows.  Never forget where you came from and remember to be empathetic to those fighting the battle, not knowing their individual story- health, medical, etc.

Besides your confidence, the determination and drive that you’ve had is admirable. Where did it come from? Where has it been in years of numerous attempts to lose weight?  God has always been walking besides you and mostly carrying and directing you.  You are one hard-headed person! Countless times you have fought against God so hard that He let you learn from your choices, and you learned a lot each time. He was still beside you, even when you didn’t acknowledge Him. Not until you really trusted Him and were really ready did He carry you through to success, when you gave it all to Him out of sheer desperation and reaching your personal breaking point. You’ve never had such an experience to be successful, much less being prepared for what was and is yet to be.

You are making a difference.  With your weight loss journey and succeeding you have taken to the sky to journey across the country and even to another country!  Everywhere you go and have the opportunity to share your story-do it.  Give God the glory and the credit for where you were and how far you’ve come on your rite of passage.  It is encouraging and an inspiration to speak to anyone who is interested and has an open mind about their health yet even better to spread the love of God. Bringing someone to the mindset to make choices nutritionally to enhance their quality of life is a wonderful goal and blessing. Bringing a lost soul, or one who has strayed away, to God is even better!  Keep sharing through speaking, through your support group, blogging and posting.  You are helping others while helping yourself too. Don’t let anyone stop you or get in your way of helping someone or many.

Speaking of helping yourself, congratulations on finally figuring out a huge puzzle in your earthly life.  You have found your worth.  Not everyone can seem to come to this enlightenment. People try to blame anyone else and everyone else sometimes for their problems or situations.  You’ve claimed it.  You have owned your faults. You have made the changes necessary for bettering yourself.  You now have put yourself first in a world where it is hard to be able to do so.  You have not been selfish, as some have claimed, you have gained self-worth.  Only you are responsible for your body and ultimately your soul. Only you could have made the changes needed once allowing God to take over.  You are correct in “Doing it for Me” because no one else would, could or should do it for you, but you.

Heather your future is what you are willing to make it. You can stay at your goal and be healthy and active.  You can work with others and be an example nutritionally to show that someone can lose a lot of weight, even without surgery.  You are worthy and can do anything that you set your mind to with your confidence, determination and God beside you.  Keep up with the self-talk too. Not only are you trying to help yourself, but at the same time God is hearing your pleas and will help you too.  “He may answer quick, He may answer slow, but He promises to answer yes or no.” -Heather Shelton

With love and devotion to you,


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