What I eat has worked for my body.

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I’ve had inquiries as to what and how I eat.  What I eat has worked for my body.  You must find the food combinations that work best for your body.

I have changed the way I eat and have no intention on going back to the way I used to eat knowing it would not be healthy for my body or my mind.  The condition I was in was the result of poor choices, poor quality and poor quantity too.

As I’ve changed what I eat my taste for things has changed as has the like/dislike for consistencies, textures etc.  I know what I need to feed my body and what I don’t prefer to put in my body.

Do I always want what I eat?

Not necessarily but it’s what my body needs as it produces the results I desire- to lose/maintain weight and feel great.

Do I eat a tiny “bird-size” amount of food?

Nope! I eat a massive amount of nutritious food pretty much at each meal.  I don’t get hungry in between and have learned to make and have a nice quantity of quality food.

Do I eat what I want?

Within reason – I try to alter a recipe or an idea to fit within the perimeters of what I choice to eat. It might not taste the exact same but it beats not having anything at all.  This is how I’ve come up with some good recipes too.

Does everything that I eat, or make, taste good?

98% of the time it has/does. I haven’t thrown out but one attempt at making “hot chocolate” out of a chocolate protein powder. If there’s a way to do it, I learned a way NOT to! Lol!

Most days I stay on track or extremely close.  Are there times, days or even weeks that I haven’t stayed on my “plan”? Absolutely.  But I know what I need to do to get back on track and stay in my chosen food path that works best for my body.  If you have followed me, or are new to my page, my weakness is nuts! I absolutely love nuts! Nuts about nuts!  I prefer fresh ground peanut butter, almond butter, and most nuts besides pistachios or black walnuts.  The problem with this is the quantity which I consume.  Moderation is the key for sure. I am quite weak and vulnerable when it comes to tasty, crunchy and salty nuts and know its probably best to avoid completely but then I really overindulge. I have to stay focused on health for myself and my longevity.

It’s a new way to live and I’m enjoying my health-style now. If I have to continue to take my food to gatherings to stay in control I am perfectly fine to do so. That way I know what I’m eating, not meaning to offend or hurt anyone’s feelings about a dish, meal, etc.  To my knowledge everyone has been quite understanding about my choices often times remarking that mine looks and smells better than what they ordered or brought.

Food doesn’t make me the person that I am.  I am just me, the same ole me in a better physical state, with a better attitude and confidence in the person that I am evolving into.

I am Doing it For Me!