The Reflection Revisited

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I have much to catch up on as time allows but had this come to me this morning so I had to share. Much love for you, but love yourself even more!

The Reflection Revisited
Months have passed by
In the new form of me
I’m literally half the person
That I used to be.
I feel twice as tall
With my head held high
Though lowly and more humbled
As each day passes by.
It matters not how long
The journey took to complete
To lose the excess weight
And finally succeed.
Now with graciousness
And tear filled eyes
I can feel and see the benefits
And have received the prize!
I have learned to love me
Like never before
I have put myself first
There’s a new world to explore!
It’s not selfish or conceited
To put yourself first
Besides God you’re the most
Important one on this earth.
Heaven awaits you
But only you have the key
Your body and health is your temple
Your responsibly.
If you take care of yourself
From the inside to out
Everything else falls in place
Without a doubt.
Your life was set in motion
Many years ago
God has a plan for everyone
That we know.
What’s yours? What’s mine?
Are we to ever know?
Take charge of your destiny
And let your light show.
Does it really matter in the scheme of all things
What others think of you?
I once believed and know better now
That My love for myself is what’s true.
You can’t take care of others
If you’re not taking care of you
Lead by example
Don’t do what others do.
Be the exception
Make your rules matter most
Life for yourself
For God, for Jesus, and the Holy Ghost!


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