YOU have to put YOU first above all

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I hope as you are reading this that you are doing well.  You have come to this site for help, for encouragement, for truth and for guidance towards a healthier life-style.  I pray that my words, my journey and experiences will relate to you somehow that you too can find success in reaching your goals towards a healthier you.

My experience has been lifelong.  Literally, I have been overweight to varying degrees for over 30 years.  A couple of years ago it finally sunk in and I have been dedicating my time and efforts to making my body healthy-inside and out.  Physically I am more capable after losing 170 pounds, without surgical intervention.  Mentally I am in a place that is still new to me.  I have become a person that is more confident,  outgoing and enthusiastic.  I am more positive now and have WORTH.  I suppose I was worthy before but never acknowledges that.  Now I now that I have value, if from no one else, from myself!
What I wanted to share with you is a link to my new Facebook page.  I am posting daily what I am eating. If it turns out good, which most of usually is taste-wise anyways, I will include pictures and even recipes!  This is a great way for me to stay accountable, not just to others that possibly could be enlightened by something that I post, but to myself.  Ultimately, I am who matters.  Does that sound selfish? I guess it does but to find that value in myself has lead me to reach goals, after learning from numerous past attempts. Now I am focused to stay where I need to be within a reasonable range.
YOU have to put YOU first above all.  It took me so very long to figure that out.  I wish I could bottle up the confidence but since I can’t all I can do is try my best to share my experiences with you and give you the hope that your excess pounds can be shed, that you can be healthy, that you can feel better about yourself and that YOU are the only one that can make the changes that possibly need to be made.  No one put food in my mouth-I did.  No one can make me get up and move-only I can. No one can make you feel better about myself- only I can. The drive really does come from within.  You read about it and hear about it but something really does seem to “click”.
I am so very blessed and humbled by what experiences are forthcoming.  As the TOPS TN State Queen, I will be in a parade for the 4th of July!   Then I will be heading to represent TN at the TOPS IRD, International Recognition Days, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I will be going across the stage several times and must be dressed in formals.   It’s pretty neat how friends are able to loan me dresses, etc. for events-that I can wear other people’s clothes.  Upon returning home I will be heading back to California a week later (rescheduled again) to have a consultation with Dr. Ordon on July 30th and the corrective skin removal procedure on the 31st.  God has been carrying me through all of this and I trust that He’s in control.  I am at peace completely. It’s a great feeling.  I didn’t quite expect to build my relationship with God so strong.  Truly when I try to take control things just get all mixed up and go wrong.  Then something seems to happen, like a swift kick in the derrière, to make me jump back up on his shoulders to carry me through everything.
I am doing it for ME!


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