Get up, brush off and move on!

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No matter what personal issues are going on in my life I seek to find the strength, through fervent prayer, to stay positive and go forward.  Looking back doesn’t do a lot of good mentally and it sure won’t change what history has been made. Get up, brush off and move on!  I have to push through and go on – for me.  I don’t mean to sound selfish but life isn’t easy.  Life hasn’t been full of happiness and butterflies to this point but it’s my choice to find it from this day forward.  No one else can do it for me – but me.  It’s hard to evaluate your life in terms of comparing how you would treat/feed others or even a pet.  Sometimes it’s easier to punish our bodies through bad choices but would we try to instill or force those same habits or actions on another?  Unlikely. 

There have been countless changes in me physically with losing a lot of weight that are visible to the world but on a personal level – wow!  I never used to really look in the mirror because I didn’t like what I saw on the outside, knowing all along there was a valuable worthy person trapped inside.  Now I have been allowed, blessed, given, this amazing opportunity to use my story to try to encourage and help others.  The thing I’m learning now is that it’s not about the physical form as much as it’s been about my personal growth and faith.  If someone doesn’t like the “new” me, that isn’t my problem.  Does it hurt YES!  Does it hurt enough to punish my body with overeating or dwelling on issues? NO!  Giving it ALL to GOD gives me a calm peace that’s quite hard to explain.  I am so appreciative of having been given another day to reach out to you, anyone, that needs some encouragement to fight whatever health condition and life circumstances that you are facing.  We all have a purpose.  We all are here for a reason.  Even when we feel alone we never are.  Reach out and GOD is there to hold your hand, to hear your prayers and pleas, to be a friend when no one else seems to be.

I am a much more confident, viable, worthy person than I thought I was 2 1/2 years ago and previously. Beyond and against some peoples wishes – I have done this for me and will continue to do so, regardless.  The sky is the limit and the best is yet to come.

The PAST is your lesson.

The PRESENT is your gift.

The FUTURE is your motivation.


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