I have another chance at LIFE!

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For so very long I have been overweight I have never known any different.  I have never done so many things but have watched as a spectator from the sidelines.  NO MORE!  I have Another chance at LIFE!  I am where I need to be on the scales now 175 pounds down!  I have lost all of my family one by one… my youngest daughter, then my oldest and now my husband. 

The list could go on and on but I have to share with you my most recent adventrue. Never in my life would I have ever given it a second thought until now……The opportunity arose at a great cost to go on a trip with my daughters.  Not only did I go but I participated!  I didn’t just stand on the sidelines watching my daughters learn how snow ski, but I too was up on the hill in training!  The outing included a second day which allowed Olivia, 14, and me to make a few runs again to get our bearings down the training slope to build our confidence to head up the ski lift.  I went down a few times and she went a few more.  What an absolutely amazing adventure.  Did I fall?  Well duh!?! How many times? Did I have fun? Absolutely!! Would I go again? Let me get my calendar and we’ll schedule it. 

So my question for you to ponder is what would you possibly do if your body allowed you to?

Well, something that happened today I’d like to share real quick.  A friend that I’ve not seen in a while was out of town for the holidays and gave me a call.  She thought my husband, Terry, had gotten remarried.  She had to take a second and third look to really see and believe that it was me in our family photo on our Christmas card.  She said that I aughta be on TV every day sharing my success story and encouraging others that it’s incredible how I’ve lost the weight, without surgery, and how wonderful I look.  What a blessing to have that praise and compliments. 

I don’t think about how my successful weight loss has effected others in their weight loss orr healthy lifestyle journey but I hear remarks and get credit for people’s successes through knowing me and witnessing my own.  WOW!  I really have done it!  I am still aware and fighting every day to stay in control, with an occassional lapse of overindulging eating nuts and cheese-my temptations.  The way I eat now will be the way I see myself eating for years to come.  I’m not doing it for recognition by any means but if me being recognized and able to share my story with others who need help, maybe I can help them, you, too.  The recognition has just begun but bigger still is that I have another chance at LIFE! 

I am doing it for ME!