Peanut Butter!!!

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First off let me apologize deeply for the long hiatus in writing and take the chance to forewarn you that I’m likely to write a lot.  Life has been crazy insane with family and kids going here and there for this and that.  If you’re a parent, I’m sure you understand. 

I truly hope you’ve been doing well.  As for me, I have lost 115 pounds!  I never really thought in February that I would be so focused and determined to follow through till the end.  At this point the end is closer than the beginning!  Golly does that sound great to my ears?!  Yet I know the road is going to be slow and bumpy for the remainder of the passage.  I did not gain the weight overnight thus it’s completely unrealistic to think that it will be lost overnight.  Yes, it’s a great fantasy but that’s all that it is.  Oh, the fact is that I’m not exercising as much either, simply because I’m not lugging that weight around anymore. 

Changes are quite amazing at this point.  As I was discussing with a friend, it was pointed out that I’ve lost 7 sizes!  I’ve gone from a size 30 to a size 18. It is the little things that I am noticing now, like that I can see movement of tendons in my hands that I didn’t really see before, that I can bend over much easier, that as I lose weight my lap seems to be growing, and so many more changes occurring to my body.  I’m just a couple of pounds away to rewarding my body again!!  I’m quite excited about scheduling another massage and night of pampering.  Hmm, maybe a mani/pedi?  I’m not real sure yet.  Being frugal I will, of course, get what’s on special. I’ve put my body through so much over the last few decades.  At this point, I’m thinking my body is agreeing with the changes and surely appreciates the choices I am making now.  After being on this program for 7 months I’m anxious to see my blood work results at the doctor next time.  You know they are proud as can be!  I think I told you, but at 50 pounds lost my doctor even hugged me, being so very proud. 

Results are leading people that I’ve known for years, whom I’ve not seen in a while, to walk by me, not even recognizing me.  I don’t suppose that I ever really knew, or even cared, how big I really was.  I used to not look in the mirror at all.  Now, I don’t mind my picture being taken so much.  Speaking of pictures, I’ll figure out how to add some for you to see.  My job includes going into numerous schools teaching.  This is my third year and I feel so much better.  I feel like I’m not really any different than anyone else, but didn’t ever view myself the way that people saw me either. I want to be a good example for those around me, my kids, the Girls Scout troop that I lead and anyone that can be encouraged to make healthier choices that they know they need to make at any every meal. I have to tell you that one of my male co-workers was walking beside me in the hall the other day and said, “Heather, I’ve been meaning to talk you about something.”  Not knowing what was coming next, he proceeded to tell me that he had gone up front (near the secretaries) and saw a woman doing some paperwork the other day.  He said he didn’t know who it was and it took him a minute to figure out that it was me.  For a man, I was very impressed and absolutely flattered-enough to share it with you anyways!

Peanut Butter? Are you wondering why this entry is titled Peanut Butter!!!?  I have been on the same diet plan, decreasing intake at appropriate weight loss intervals, for a long time.  A couple of weeks ago, we switched it all up and I cut out fruit and carbs, just for a couple weeks.  Today has been the day that I have actually had something to look forward to, a change, and some variety, something with a different taste and texture.  I’ve been able to add in peanut butter!  The portion is only 1 tablespoon.  That doesn’t sound like very much, but consider that I haven’t had any, it’s actually a lot.  I savored each and every lick out of that measuring spoon this morning!   It’s not a “trigger” food for me that I can’t control like I fear that popcorn would be.  The way I look at it is that I can have more at the next meal if I choose, and then there’s the creativity of how can I incorporate just a tablespoon of peanut butter??  Need to look at some recipes and alter them for my needs.

I get asked often and will let you know that the program that I am successfully utilizing is the Metabolic Research Center in Murfreesboro, TN.  If you go to the website and find a facility near you and join, please use me as a reference.  I don’t get paid to advertise for them, but I would earn a little credit to use as needed.  I am very excited to tell you that I will be starting a “Super-size Support Group” at MRC.  As hard as it is to lose weight, most of the workers, who have all lost weight, have not lost 100 pounds or more.  This support group will be directed for those that have 100 pounds or more to lose, that are in the process, or who have reached their goal.  If you haven’t walked in the wide shoes of being morbidly obese, it’s not the same support that we can give to each other.  We will be group lead, and let the conversation take us wherever we journey to at each meeting.  My thinking is to guide the direction towards the emotional and physical attributes that others have experienced, the reasons behind why people have gained, and successful methods of taking it off for ourselves, by ourselves. 

I also belong to a TOPS, Take Off Pounds Sensibly, chapter Murfreesboro, TN 0606.  It’s a greatly successful support group that I just transferred into last week.  They have the right mind set which makes an immense difference in attitude.  What’s wonderful about TOPS is that they “allow” you to use any program, even surgical, to lose weight.  The support is that you’re not alone!  Next weekend there’s a Fall Rally to boost spirits, to celebrate successes and encourage focus.  Maybe I’ll get recognized?  I’m working on putting together an individual scrapbook to enter.

Sorry this entry is so long, but there’s so much to tell and even more that’ll have to wait till next time.  Keep focused towards your short term goals.  If you can reach short term goals, the long term goal isn’t so far away.  I AM DOING IT FOR ME!