Humbling experience of success

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I apologize for my hiatus for a month.  I do however have great news but you know I have to build the suspension to keep you reading?!?! Well I started the rest of my life on February 14th and here it is 6 months later.  I have had some ups and downs but most of all I have kept with it whole-heartedly.  There have been experiences, or things that have happened that have touched me deeply as well as a mass amount of self examination that has helped my attitude about myself, built my self-worth and grown my pride. 

To recap some highlights or thoughts/sayings:

I am doing it for me!

I am feeding my body.

Get rid of clothes that you shrink out of – don’t go back.

Be an example to those around you and stay in control.

Odds are 50% if you try and 100% if you don’t!

My youngest child can wrap her arms completely around me and lapped over now!!

I’ve learned to take compliments and smile. 

I’m trying to be positive and not look at the long term goal but keep focused on daily & weekly accomplishments. 

The booths at restaurants aren’t quite so tight, and actually roomy, now.

Okay, okay the list could go on and on. I know I still haven’t told you yet…patience….

It was interesting taking my youngest into school where I am known well as the Chair of the PTO.  There were a dozen or more that hadn’t seen me and they went crazy! Crazy I tell ya!  Man I felt like I was on public display.  It was overwhelming somewhat, almost to the point of embarrassment.  I did my best to smile and say thank you to everyone’s kindness yet it was exhausting at the same time – emotionally.  I had not thought about it in a way a friend mentioned when she had lost considerable weight.  She said it upset her because she didn’t realize everyone thought that she was big.  I don’t know if anyone ever sees themselves in the view that the world sees us.  I told her that I never really used to look in a mirror.  Now I am learning to see the reflection and be the reflection.

Well, the biggest thing that has happened to me, to really make me stop and realize my success thus far, came from a complete stranger.  I pulled around at a feed supply in my car and backed up to the dock.  As I was going around checking the trunk a man came out and I told him I didn’t have my ticket yet, that I needed to go in and pay.  There’s a ramp besides the building that I was going to use when he reached his hand out to me.  “Here ya go!.” I told him “Nah, that’s ok.” He insisted and reaching his hand again a little further said “Come on, I got you.” At that point I did. The thoughts running through my head in that instant…… I told myself STOP. You can do this.  You got it.  Keeping in mind that this dock is a good two foot high or better, I took the stranger’s hand.  The possibilities of what could’ve happened did not happen!  I did it!  HE did it!  You know by now, I’m a deeper meaning kind of person.  For all the footprints that have not been my own, this truly did feel like a hand of God-reaching out to help, accepting me as I am, for me to put my faith in and ultimately for the salvation of ME!  Did my business, yada, yada, yada… and sat down in the car.  Upon a moment of replaying the situation at hand (hehe-couldn’t resist!) I looked over at my daughter and said “100 pounds ago that never would have happened.”  How truly appreciative I am of that stranger’s hand for the humbling experience of success.

So there you have it…I surpassed the 100 pound mark!  I have lost roughly 5 sizes, depending on make.  I do look better.  I like and am seeing the reflection.  I feel better, partially I think because of no preservatives or chemicals in my body. I’m not there yet.  I know it’s going to be even harder now.  I could lose another hundred but we’ll have to see where my body puts on the brakes. 

I hope you are doing well in your experience.  I am not going to give up on myself and I don’t want you to quit either, or I want you to start becoming healthier with the realization that you need to, if that is the case.  I AM DOING IT FOR ME!  It’s the only me there’s gonna be.  Feel free to respond or ask me anything.  Till next time….


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