God help my armpits!

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I heard this little saying a few weeks ago and it has stuck in my head. It’s something you can think about and really live your life by. “Odds are 50% if you try and 100% if you don’t.” Wow! How’s that to get your mind going? Read it again if you have to… “Odds are 50% if you try and 100% if you don’t.” So you have a situation, any situation, and you aren’t sure what to do, what you want the outcome to be or are totally unsure of the end result. Do you take the risks and jump in with both feet or do you stand back on the sidelines and observe? Well, with my weight loss journey there have been times that I wasn’t quite sure about what I really wanted or the desired result: each meal, each recipe, each time I eat out, exercising, clothes, etc. What it comes down to is that if you don’t try at all the result will be nil-100%. I cannot complain, nor blame anyone else, if I don’t try! Feel free to rinse and repeat that thought over and over. I cannot complain, nor blame anyone else, if I don’t try! Each meal and snack has to be chosen wisely or it’s possible that the outcome will be weight gain. Each time I pass on eating something offered that is not on my program, my plan, off the passage, I know that the conclusion should be a favorable one-when I try. Transfer this understanding to other aspects of your life as well. Example: If you want to do something, say walk a mile, if you start out with the attitude and mind-set that you can’t – guess what? You won’t-100%. But if you try… now that’s where the life changing begins. If you tell yourself that you can’t and in turn not even give yourself the opportunity to try, you are going to not know the conclusion- if you can or not! You might not make it that entire mile but you might make it half way. Next time you can go a little farther, and a little farther until you can. So, again, odds are 50% if you try and 100% if you don’t.

Well…are you wondering by now? Come on… tell us how you’re doing? Have you stuck with? Have you given up? Does your inquiry mind want to know how my personal passage is going? Unfortunately I had hit a plateau – all I have to say about that is it sucks! I had made it to the point that I typically, however many times, I lost count, just say to heck with it all. This is how I’m meant to be. NO IT’S NOT! I’m not meant to be as big as I was, nor as big as I still am. I am wanting to go as far down as my body will let me but if I don’t try…. you know what will happen. Anyways, my mother fell and broke her leg, having to have a plate and pins put in below her left knee. No weight on her leg at all for several weeks. That really got me to thinking about IF I were to be injured. Can you imagine the struggle trying to move my weight around, God help my armpits, elbows, etc. if anything like that were to happen. Needless to say, I am writing you from Florida! Yippy! Ok, back to my weight, on vacation… I hit 90 pounds lost! YES! I did say 90 pounds! I never would have believed that in 5 months that this is where I would be. I have literally lost my 9 year old that doesn’t weigh 90 pounds. I am wanting to go to the store and take some pictures of what constitutes 90 pounds: 18 – 5 lb bags of sugar or flour, 90 bags of rice, 90 pounds of butter, not sure how many pounds is in a bucket of lard but there’d be a few of those too, 90 pounds of sausage, etc. etc. etc. The visuals would be inspiring for sure. I’m pretty much half way to goal so double all those amounts and picture like 40 bags of sugar stacked on the grocery store shelf. Insane!

I know that I am still a big girl but consider to this point that I started out wearing some 30s and was a solid size 28 womens. Now, drum roll please… I have gotten into some 20s and am probably a solid 22 but I don’t have many clothes that size. I’m wearing what I can to get my through till I am a good 20. I’ve had to get rid of bags and bags of clothes. I even went through stuff in the attic and tossed what I never will wear again, including some stuff, weather-wise, that I intend to be long passed through by the time cooler weather gets here.

My husband has always loved me for who I am, thank goodness! Our daughters however, have been a huge support for me. They encourage me daily and compliment me all the time. I listen to their opinions on clothing as well, to a point. I appreciate all the encouragement that I recieve from my friends in person or on the internet and am actually learning to push myself more so I keep getting compliments and praises. OH, and I do like the shock effect when someone hasn’t seen me in a while. My parents have really been supportive too and the looks on their faces when they first saw me, about 30 pounds more than last time, is priceless. I will keep those odds in my mind – 50% if you try and 100% if you don’t! It isn’t going to be overnight but I will get to my goal, be healthier and stay at a reasonable weight, eventually. I AM DOING IT FOR ME!


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Life has been crazy busy this summer and it’s not slowing down yet! There’s always something going on, somewhere to go, somewhere to be and it seems like food is overwhelmingly visible everywhere!  Ugh!  If you make a conscious effort to observe the availability of food in most any situation it’s actually pretty insane.  We have become literally numb to food being pushed at us from all directions.  Don’t know of many stores that you can even go in that don’t have some sort of food that you can buy even things such as samples and snacks- gum, mints, etc.. They all still have calories.

Not that I haven’t used them, self-abusively in the past, or that don’t use them now, but think of the drive-thru.  That idea is just one of many ways that society has aided in the obesity epidemic.  Thought or actual challenge… if you are wanting to go to a drive thru get out and go inside to place and pick up your order of healthy choices.  That will either prevent you from getting what you’re going to eat sitting in your car mindlessly, you won’t eat that greasy burger & fries value meal at all or even better, it might encourage you to pack a much healthier alternative!  I rarely use a drive through anymore except for an occassioanl coffee or salad.  I’ll even make a pact with you that I’ll park and go in from now on! Every little extra step helps our bodies and in turn the environment by our cars being turned off.  Instead of idling our cars – let’s keep our bodies in idle – keeping our metabolism burning the good fuels that we put in it.

What to talk about today…. well, I am trying to get over a plateau and it bites!  Haha-bites! Seriously I have been at a stand still, very slow pace of losing lately.  When I got under 300 I cut out a mid morning snack that my body had obviously come accustomed to having. Then for the last couple weeks my blood pressure has been giving me some issues of being too low.  I’m only on a mild medicine and was on a water pill.  Think that stopping it and going through that adjustment has been a shock of sorts to my body as well.  Ugh!  I want to go on!  It has to be gone within a year!  All of it.  My personal final, long-term goal is to be at goal within a year.  It can be done!  It must be done! IT WILL BE DONE!

I survived the July fourth weekend festivities that were in abundance for me.  I went to a dinner play, 2 movies, a dinner date, and then a cookout with friends.  Yes, if you’re wondering, I did take my food to the cookout and am thankful for the support of friends.  Love a grilled turkey burger with swizz cheese!  How did you do?  Did you stay focused on your personal goals? Or did you give in to temptation and give to the peer pressure of foods that you did not plan to consume?  I had a couple bites of a potato free potato salad with cauliflower instead!  It was good but 2 bites were enough for me.  To be honest my oldest daughter made a tray of brownies that we even forgot to take!  Oops!  Don’t think I would have forgotten them last year – but it just wasn’t as important to me as it used to be. 

I am going to survive this pause in my weight loss passage as my body catches up after the shock of losing over 80 pounds now.  Patience and perserverance will see me through.  I’ve gotten this far and am not stopping till I get to where I want to be.  I am doing it for me!  Stay focused on your goal!  See you soon:).