Day 5

Looks like I missed posting on days 3 and 4 🙁  But, this morning I weighed and it looks like I’ve lost 5 lbs! I was 309.6 and now I’m 304.2. I hope its not a fluke. I met with my trainer again today and he had me doing different exercises than I did the beginning of the week. It was a bit more difficult, which is only natural. I have been staying on plan though.

Wednesday (day 3) was very busy, with a trip to the cardiologist and the gym and a massive food shopping and some other miscellaneous errands. Yesterday (day 4) I crashed and slept most of the day. That’s what my body does when I “overdo it”, as they say. And I definitely overdid it on Wednesday.

The cardiologist said I do need the stress test  and also an ultrasound of my heart, so those are scheduled for the 18th. Not looking forward to that. I go back for the results on the 23rd. I hope everything turns out okay.

So far, so good I think. I’m going to do my best to stay with this new way of eating. Hopefully I’ll be able to stop measuring everything I eat at some point. Some of the portion sizes seem a bit ridiculous, but that may just be because I overate for so many years. Seriously, who eats 1/2 C of pasta for dinner? When the pasta IS the dinner? I can see 1/2 C as a side dish…. my perceptions may be way off though.

That’s all for now. Good luck to the rest of y’all on this journey!

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  1. taibug on June 11th, 2010

    Keep up the good work. I just found this site today and am hoping that keep a daily journal will help me to track my progress, explore my emotions, and truly find myself again. I am working to begin a food plan that will help me to avoid binge eating (I’ve been struggling with this for six months and can’t get it under control). Take care of yourself and I hope the tests go okay for you!


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