My Wish List

I thought I’d make a “wish list” of all the things I want as a result of losing weight and working out!!!

  • I want to never have to shop in Lane Bryant/The Avenue/Ashley Stewart/insert big girl store here again (Torrid is an exception. I love their clothes, but I think they’re getting a little ridiculous with the prices).
  • I want to never have to go to the plus size side of the store again. As of today (8/8/09), I’m almost there, I’m in a 14W or a misses size 16.
  • I want a navel piercing once I hit goal weight.
  • I want to wear a two piece bikini.
  • I want people to see me and be able to look at me and tell that I spend time in the gym. Right now, I think people assume I can’t hold my own with physical activity because I am overweight.
  • I want to be under 200 pounds.
  • I want to never have to take blood pressure medication again.
  • I want to be able to buy clothes from Express/The Limited/Banana Republic/Black House White Market (CHECK!) /Ann Taylor. I might be able to now, but honestly, I’ve been afraid to try.
  • I want to do a triathlon.
  • I want guys to think I’m SEXY, not just “decent” or “dateable”. I know some of that has to do with my attitude, though, so I’m working on it.
  • I want to look good in every picture I take…and not have to take 100 pictures just to get two good ones.