Another NSV – but the scale isn’t being nice to me!!!

Posted grneyedmustang on April 29th, 2013 | Filed under liposuction, running

All this running seems to be paying off occasionally – but dammit the scale is being a very mean (shut yo mouf)!!!

About a week ago my neighborhood had an event called “kill the hill” in which you run in the neighborhood and pick a set point. I chose the 4 mile course…I could have tried the 5 but I didn’t know how I was going to fare.

I ran my 4 miles in 41 minutes…about a 10:15 pace! This is with TWO killer hills involved.

I’m so happy – I haven’t run that kind of pace since COLLEGE!!!

I am supposed to be running a 10k next month and I’m actually kind of excited since I guess I’m kicking a little ass while running!!! But there is some bittersweet news with the 10k…

I was approved for my surgery (I’m having Lipo) –  so my surgery has been scheduled for May 6. My post op instructions state that you can start working out 7 days after, but you should still take it easy. I’m going to ask the doctor if i can still run the 10k, during my preop appointment tomorrow.

If I could get the scale to be nice to me…everything would be GREAT….

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