Next up…calorie counting!

Posted grneyedmustang on February 9th, 2012 | Filed under dieting

So I’ve been feeling lately that my diet needs a swift kick in the rear to get things moving again. I was thinking about Weight Watchers (again!) but Weight Watchers costs $$$ and I am trying to work on eliminating debt this year. So what’s the next best thing? Calorie counting!

I’ve been calorie counting now for the last four days, and it’s been a lot simpler than I thought it would be. I ordered a scale from amazon to see what the correct portion of food looks like. I think it’s because SB was pretty intense in terms of planning food, so this is just taking it a step further. Also, I am only 4 days in. Talk to me in about a month or two and we’ll see how I feel about counting calories! And even though I am counting calories, I am still following a SB based plan – so no white rice, white potatoes, refined sugar, refined flour, etc. etc.

I did have a major “bad” day Superbowl Sunday. I don’t want to rehash what I ate but it was BAD. Not to mention what I drank. I will say that there are no more “holidays” until my birthday (well Easter, but I’m usually pretty well behaved there) so I should not have any excuses for any major derailments. I have not stepped on the scale – and I will not step on the scale until next weekend. I’ll use that as my “weight” to see if I’m making progress, and if the calorie counting is working.

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  1. dysfunctionalbarbie Says:

    I’ve been calorie counting for over a month now and I find it’s great! Plan your meals the night before and even document the meals in your calorie book so the next day you don’t have to really worry about it. It also helps see where your trouble spots are especially if you’re eating over, or under etc…Good luck!

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