My rant – and my hope – yes this big girl does work out…

Posted grneyedmustang on November 5th, 2011 | Filed under dieting, running, South Beach Diet

So I stepped on the scale this morning before my workout. I’m pissed at that bitch. I have been busting my ass at the gym (i’ve even been doing 2 a days for the past two weeks!) and I HAVEN’T LOST ONE POUND. :'(

What I am about to say is not PC, but I’m having a moment.

So I’m at the gym, and I see these two skinny girls, “playing” at the gym (you know, the people pretending to work out, but they’re usually too busy talking or texting instead?), and I start thinking about how life is SO NOT FAIR. I would just like to see some results…and in the meantime, I see people who barely try, and are skinny. Or people who eat shit all day, and in the meantime, I gain weight if I even smell it. Or my favorite – people who look at me and assume that I sit around and eat twinkies all day…but then they see me in the gym or on the tracked and are *shocked* (insert gasp here) that the big girl has endurance too!


Ok, rant over.

So tomorrow, I have the 5k that I’ve been training for. I’m confident that I will meet my goal (to complete it in less than 35 minutes).

Wish me luck. 🙂

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  1. janeemosher Says:

    you gave me a chuckle. so so true! i wish i had a gym membership and i wouldn’t even care about the barbies… but i’m old 🙂 i hope you show them up and sprint past all those irritating, annoying, DUMB people. and i also agree – it’s NOT fair. i have two daughters like me (ie: fat) and i have one daughter who was born to be skinny – was a size 0 wedding dress. she’s bulked up to a 3 and sometimes a 5. i’ll tell you one thing – she had a harder time finding jeans that fit her right than i did! keep on! you’re amazing!

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