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Posted grneyedmustang on November 1st, 2011 | Filed under depression, dieting, exercise, South Beach Diet

It’s been A WHILE since I’ve written on my blog (8 months almost). It’s been a very challenging year for me, both physically and mentally. I was dealing with some health issues earlier this year that really took the wind out of my “healthy living” sails and made me extremely depressed. As a result, I have gained 10 pounds and they are holding on to me for dear life. I’m feeling better now (with the aid of St John’s Wort) and am really trying to get back on the wagon.

So, here it is, a year and a few months since I’ve been in Dallas, and I am on job number three. Yikes. The last job I had turned out to be not so great. There were a few major red flags – namely, a mandatory week off without pay and my boss quitting – which let me know it was time to leave. So here I am, with a new job. I started this one in September, and I must admit, it is great. My boss seems to be a really nice, and fair guy. The work life balance is wonderful (unlike the last gig) – it is very rare to work more than a 40 hour work week. I work from home 100%, which means I can wake up at 7:50 and start working in my PJ’s. All in all, life is good 🙂

No news to report on the dating front, except for all the idiots I dated this year have turned out to be major duds.

My lineup of this year has consisted of-

  • The junk food king (didn’t believe in physical exercise, ate excessive amounts of junk, did not like to be outside, and played video games all day. I like a guy to be active. NOT COMPATIBLE)
  • The 43 year old loser  – a very handsome guy, whom I’m sure has coasted through life on his looks. He barely had a job, no car, no place to live, no checking account – I could go on and on. Not to mention despite him being in shape, his “equipment” did not work. And lastly, very selfish…and I really do believe he may have been homeless for real. WTF? Big bucket of fail all around.
  • Inconsiderate selfish jackasses numero uno and dos. I like to call them both Laurel and Hardy, Heckle and Jeckle, or GI Joe and Big Bird. GI Joe asked me to crash at my place for a week when he returned from Iraq. He knew I liked him (have known him for years, so if I open up my house to you that has to mean I like you on some kind of level, right????) but did not understand why I was mad at him when he kissed another girl in my face. Numero dos seems to think that he is blameless in any of the problems that happen to him, and had no issue pointing out any of my flaws.
I am now on a dating strike. I am noticing a consistent pattern with these guys, most them were extremely selfish and thoughtless.
In other news, I am running my second race next week. It’s only a 5k – because I didn’t have much time to train, but it’s a race nonetheless. I’m shooting for less than 40 minutes (I’d be thrilled if I could do it in less than 35, but my official training for the race has been minimal, so we shall see)! Wish me luck!

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