I need to be more positive, cuz that 6 pounds is gone!

Posted grneyedmustang on December 17th, 2010 | Filed under dieting

Just a quick check in and a status update…

So that extra 6 pounds I was sad about is gone. I attribute the loss to two things – TOM weight gain and my rediscovery of spin class. My last weigh in, I was at 239. Woo hoo!!!

I am happy that the scale is moving back the other direction instead of UP. I have been in the gym more regularly, so I’m sure that’s helping. I’ve made a discovery, though, that I don’t like, and I need to figure out how to deal with it….

I’m in the gym more frequently these days (I’m even doing two a days occasionally) because I don’t really have a social life!

So what’s going to happen when I do make friends and start hanging out more? When the weather turns back warm and I wanna be outside, sitting on the patio, having a martini, and chatting with friends?

Hmmmm…I’ve got approximately 3.5 months to figure that out. You would think that since I’ve been on SBD since 2008, I’d have that part figured out by now.

WRONG. (Insert the Price is Right “Fail/Lose” music here – which is one of my favorite sound effects, by the way. In fact, here’s a link in case you need a laugh/refresher: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ytCEuuW2_A )

So I’m happy that the scale is moving again, but what’s going to happen when I have a life again?


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  1. ja2ma6lee Says:

    Thanks for my first comment 🙂 I’m hoping to find activity friends for the gym and warmer weather. You have inspired me to check out a spin class at my gym.

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