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  1. I have been having one hell of a time staying in the gym on a regular basis. I don’t know what’s wrong with me! This is how it usually goes: Monday, I don’t go…because the start to the work week was tough. Tuesday…I don’t go…because I need to catch up on stuff around the house due to the rough Monday I had. Wednesday is usually when I get the steam to go. Thursday is hit or miss. By Friday, I realize that the week has gone by and get my ass to the gym. Saturday is a no brainer. I love working out on Saturday mornings. There is hardly anyone there and I don’t feel “time restricted” since I don’t have anywhere to be on Saturday. Sundays are hit or miss too. Some Sundays I hit the gym (and I like working out on Sunday too because of the same reasons for Saturday)…but my downfall – Sunday is generally my rest and relaxation day so I don’t always make the gym on Sunday.

Since I seem to be having consistency issues with the gym, I figured I’d put together some post-its to help remind me as to why I need to go. Then I decided I’d have it on my blog too…in case I lose the post-its or something. So here goes:

Top ten reasons not to skip the gym:

  1. The more you skip, the more painful and “challenging” (and not in a good way) it will be when you go back. You’ll have to indulge in the ben-gay, the more time you spend away from the gym.
  2. Exercise helps depression.
  3. Where else do you get to hear your favorite party tunes and pretend that you’re “dancing”?
  4. You feel good after working out.
  5. It helps you stay ahead of the curve – e.g. you won’t have to play “weight loss catch up” if you’re in the gym. “Weight loss catch up” is that game I unintentionally play after holidays and such, where you have to lose an additional 5 to 10 pounds on top of the 30 more I have to go.
  6. Does the number 200 look good to you? What about 180?
  7. Do the sizes 20w/22w mean anything to you? How about the size “12 wide”?
  8. (Sidebar with #7) Do you want to HAVE to shop on the “big girls” side of the store again?
  9. Don’t you like showing off the fact that you can run, do 40 minutes on the elliptical (at a nice pace/resistance too!) despite the fact that you’re not a size 6?
  10. Do the words high blood sugar/cholesterol/blood pressure mean anything to you?

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  1. rikki Says:

    These are so good! I needed to see this right now 🙂 Loved your insprational post on 3fc! You rock!

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