Fat Girls Have Their Dreams Fulfilled too…

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I’ve been MIA quite a bit lately. Frankly, I’ve been trying to get my South Beach Mojo back. All summer, I’ve been very inconsistent with the eating and exercise. One week, I’ll be on point – eating all my veggies, leaving the sugar alone, hitting the gym like I should, but then the next week, life gets in the way – I’ll be tired, have a dentist appointment and feel like shit, or have a rough day at work, and just “cain’t get rite” for the week. Luckily, I think I’ve changed my eating habits in a major way – so blowing it now isn’t the same as blowing it three years ago. Blowing it now means that I ate too many triscuits, instead of a whole pack of cookies. It’s still blowing it, but definitely no where near as calorically devastating as eating a half a pack of Publix cupcakes, which is something I would have done in 2003.

So on to this past weekend. I am a HUGE Chico Debarge fan. I found out he was coming to town, the tickets were inexpensive, and I couldn’t get the sorry ass guy I was dating (notice that verb is past tense) to take me, so I bought a ticket and went. OMG. That was $25 WELL SPENT. He was there with Anthony David…the show was EXCELLENT. Anthony David put on a great show – I went to amazon.com Saturday night and bought his CD. I highly recommend it. So onto the best part.

OOooooooooo Chico. So in his second song, he points at me and winks. I am cheesing at this point. So during the last song, he points at me again and asks me to come up to the stage. I am on cloud nine at this point. So I go up to the stage and stand with him a while, in complete shock. Nothing like this has ever happened to me in my entire LIFE. I finally get out of my dazed and confused state and dance with him! The whole way home, I was astonished. Here I am, and I’m thinking that I must have made a hell of an impression for him to pick me out of the crowd like that.

I think that was just the spark that I needed to get back on the right diet track, especially because I found out today that some of it was videotaped by someone in the audience and it is NOW ON YOUTUBE (the big girl in the black shirt and blue jeans,  dancing with him at the very beginning and taking a pic toward the end is me):


So I guess this was a bittersweet pill to swallow. I met the man of my dreams in person and danced with him! And he actually seems like a “nice” celebrity, not one that was full of himself. But the bitter part is – even though I’ve lost 50 pounds, that pic on youtube reminded me that I have a LONG way to go. I feel like the picture of myself in my head doesn’t match what I really look like. I thought i was smaller than that! That’s the way I thought I looked when I weighed 278, but then I saw one of my friend’s bridal party pictures from when I weighed 278….I was HUGE. Take a look for yourself – this is the pic I speak of (I’m on the left):

I still have a LOOOOOOOOOONG way to go.

P.S. Chico Debarge, I just want you to know that you’ve fulfilled this fat girl’s dreams. I thank you for that. I could never imagine in a million years that someone like you would even notice someone like me.

Thank you. It definitely makes my self esteem seem a little higher. 😀 So as a celebrity, I hope you always remember that a simple wink, a smile, a hug, a dance – might actually make someone feel better about themselves. You never know what kind of impact you might have on someone. So I’d like to let you know that those few minutes you spent with me at the concert, have had a lifetime impact, and I’ll NEVER forget them, or you. And you have my full support…I will ALWAYS be a Chico Debarge fan. You made me feel like a hot girl…even if it was only for one night.

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  1. angela Says:

    Hey just watched that video..I had no idea who Chico DeBarge was until reading your blog…all I can say is “LUCKY GIRL!!” He’s fine!!!!! oh ya his voice isnt bad either..lol.

    So glad you had an amazing time!!!

  2. fatmelanie Says:

    Greeneyedmustang, I love your blog! I’m bookmarking it. It inspires me to hopefully start my blog back up again. Anyway, you looked great in the You Tube video and you are so lucky. Who doesn’t dream of having their favorite performer pull them up on stage?? In your picture below, you remind me of Tyra Banks. Girl you are truly inspiration!

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