Well, it’s official!!!

Posted grneyedmustang on June 8th, 2009 | Filed under clothing, dieting, South Beach Diet, weight loss

I weighed myself on Friday and the randum (misspelling intentional) number generator gave me 229. I guess I’ll take it considering all the debauchery I’ve participated in lately. It’s funny, 220 is not that far away, but I’m in disbelief right now! I can’t believe I’m SO CLOSE to 220, which is a number I haven’t seen in many many years. And 190 – my target weight – gosh, I’m 39 pounds away from there, which considering the fact that I started at 278…WOW. I’m super thrilled because I was able to wear a pair of DKNY jeans which are a regular size 16. I haven’t been able to fit these jeans in YEARS. I wore them Saturday to a cookout…and not only did they fit, they fit COMFORTABLY.

I have totally fallen in love with iced coffees. I get them with splenda and sugar free syrup, usually vanilla. YUM! I want to find a recipe so I can start making them at home.

In other news, my facebook status changed today from “single” to “in a relationship”. We decided yesterday that we are no longer dating other people and dating exclusively. 🙂 We had our first (minor) fight this weekend, which led to that topic of conversation (and no, he wasn’t under duress or anything 🙂 ) he told me himself that we were “together”…which is why I asked if we were still dating other people, and that was when he replied “no”, we are NOW EXCLUSIVE.

Wish me luck…I am in uncharted waters right now, on many different fronts.

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