Alright, bear with me here. 

Having kind of a rough day so far.  Last night, and yesterday in general, I just ate WAY too much, almost went on a binge (but was lucky enough to stop it before it got too bad, and then followed it up this morning with a breakfast that included absolutely no measuring and seconds. 

On top of that, when I looked in the mirror this morning I was disgusted.  My face felt fuller, my arms looked huge, my gut seemed bigger than ever, and I just felt hopeless.  I feel like I’ve been working so hard and am not even feeling better.  I hate days like this.  I just feel so frustrated. 

Rationally, I know what’s going on.  I’m probably not losing weight because I’m NOT counting calories like I should be and cheating too often with a meal out here, a beer there, and just too much snacking in general.  I also realize these things take time and I shouldn’t rush it.  Plus I’m on my period, so maybe part of this bloating look I’m rocking is just associated PMS weight? Maybe? 

The only think that I know is that I don’t want this crappy feeling to lead into me ruining what I’ve done well already.  I’m just going to stick to the good that I’ve been doing, and work a little harder on my eating.  It’s definitely achievable!

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  1. Your username caught my eye because my name is grace and in middle school, a group of friends referred to me as goose lol

    Anyway… we all have days when we let loose, the important thing is to reign it in and get back OP.
    Don’t let it spiral out of control and become a snowball effect.

    I’m currently battling cravings to binge also so I understand the frustration. I feel SO horrible both mentally and physically after an off plan day and it’s amazing how being on plan makes me feel 10x better during the day.

    Good luck with everything graciegoose 😀

  2. Haha, graciegoose was a middle school nickname for me too! No one calls me that anymore, really, but it has stuck as my “go-to” online sign in name!

    Thanks for the advice and insight. I’m happy to report that I was able to drag myself out of bed and got my butt to the gym where I did a pretty intense workout that made me feel awesome. I think it was enough to get me to stay on track.

    Hope your cravings our easing up and that you’re able to stay on plan. They’re always the worst. 🙁

    Thanks again for the comment–it definitely made my day!

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