Weekends always kill me.  I could be having an amazing week exercising and eating wise, but come the weekend, and i’m back to eating too much of the wrong things and struggling to get to the gym. 

It’s not that I don’t see it coming: friends want to  go to bars, my family wants to take me out to eat, I’m travelling somewhere making exercising nearly impossible, etc.  It doesn’t like my schedule’s going to get any less crazy and sporatic over the next month either.  I’m going away or have time consuming plan every weekend until the middle of July.  It’s like the perfect storm. 

This weekend I’m going to Pittsburg from Friday until Sunday.  My little sister is visiting colleges, and I wanted to go along to be with my family and because my best friend from school lives out there.  I’ve had a great week so far (ran my first 5k length workout!) and I don’t want to loose this despite the trickiness of maybe not being able to exercise and lots of eating out.  Therefore, I’m approaching this weekend as a challenge. 

Here are my goals:

  1. Try to exercize!–I’m hoping this won’t be too hard.  Today I ran before we’re leaving.  I’m also bringing my work out clothing along in hopes of using the gym at the hotel (if they have one) or maybe even convincing my dad to run with me somewhere in the city.
  2. Be smart eating out.  This by far is going to be the hardest.  Eating out is always my down fall, because I love to eat and always tend towards high fat foods over healthy choices.  Here are the rules I’m setting for this weekend for eating in restaurants:
  • Order water.  I usually get diet soda, but I think with all of the extra sodium I’ll be eating in these meals, water is going to be my best bet.
  • Avoid the bread basket.  I could eat pounds and pounds of bread–It’s so delish! However, this time when that evil waiter comes bring out piles of warm, steaming bread, I’m going to sit on my hands and imagine how good I’m going to look and feel a month from now after sticking to these good habits!
  • Skip the side salads w/ heavy dressing and soups.  Is it neccessary? Nope.  Then why would I eat it?
  • Grilled, Steamed, Fish, Chicken, Veggies.  Let that be my mantra!

Can’t wait to see how this weekend goes!

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