Remember me?

June 23rd, 2009

Hey ladies.

I know I haven’t been on here in a while.  Don’t know what the deal is.  I’m not motivated to do anything lately: workout, work, blog.  I’m not depressed or anything; I would just rather sit outside and do nothing.  Maybe it’s the heat.

Hubby and I have been taking long walks at night.  And I’ve still been watching my food intake; I’ve been skipping breakfast and lunch on a regular basis, and eating a small dinner.  I know, I know, it sounds awful; but it’s working as a quasi-fast for me.  I’m down a size in jeans at American Eagle.  This time two years ago, I couldn’t even fit into their largest size, so that’s a major hurdle for me.  So things are going well.  I just need to get back on here, so that I can hold myself accountable for everything I do.

We had a band event over the weekend.  Here’s a pic from that.  Yes, they’re kitsch.  Now, off to check on your blogs…


June 9th, 2009

My office reeks of acetone.  Just thought I would share.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.  I’m definitely posting a weigh-in this week.  Promise.


June 1st, 2009

Hi Everyone.  Hope you all had a stellar weekend.  Kev had a gig in Raleigh; it was a blast.  I think I may start back with my weigh-ins tomorrow.  Now off to check out your blogs…

Still Alive & Kicking

May 20th, 2009

Hello fellow sisterchicks.  Just wanted to see what everyone is up to.  I had an awesome birthday, despite the pneumonia.  We went to the beach for a wedding, and it was a nice, relaxing four days.  I think I am finally over the pneumonia; am headed to the Doc in 10 mins for follow-up xrays, so keep your fingers crossed.  Toes, too please!

Will check in later, maybe tomorrow morning, with a weigh-in update.  Happy Humpday!


SmallBerry?  MulFrye?  Mmmm… sounds like a good muffin.

Shameless Self Promotion.

May 13th, 2009



May 11th, 2009


Eff traveling.

May 7th, 2009

Nope, I didn’t make my April goal.  I’ve been traveling for a week for work, and it really threw a loop in my plans.  And by loop, I mean four frikkin pounds.  I also have a really itchy throat/cough thing going on.

Things are looking up, though.  The client that I visited hadn’t seen me in two months.  One of the ladies there said “You’re losing weight.”  Also my work and street clothes are getting looser and looser.  So the poundage may not reflect it, but I don’t feel so much like a fat cow.

I’m back in town today, where I will be for at least another month.  And I’m more determined than ever to meet the 70’s by my bday (next week – 13th).


April 30th, 2009

I am only 1.6 pounds away from my April weight goal.  WOOT!  Slumpbusters, COUNT ME IN.


Constant Cravings

April 29th, 2009

My 12-minute mental dialogue from this morning’s commute:

Devil on Right Shoulder: Get in the right lane.  Bojangles is a block away.  Chicken biscuit.  Now.  CRAP, they don’t take debit cards.  Oh yeah, forgot I have a 10-spot in my wallet

Angel on Left Shoulder: It’s like 600 calories!

Devil: But I did workout last night.  I sweated my ass off.  And I’m hungry.  And I don’t want stupid oatmeal again at the office!

Angel: 600 calories means no wine tonight.

Devil: Argh.

<Pass Bojangles>

Devil: Get in right lane.  Golden arches approaching.  Egg and cheese mcmuffin, not as enticing as a biscuit but still warm and good.  Man, I really could go for a biscuit…

<Pass McDonalds>

Devil: Left lane NOW.  Starbucks ahead.  Latte and hot butter croissant.

Angel: That’s like 800 calories.  You should’ve gone for the biscuit.

Devil: DAMN YOU!

<Pass Starbucks and pull into work>

So I got nothing.  Except for the can of peach nehi hubby put in my purse.  That counts as something, right?