Today the Journey Begins…

I am on a Journey to lose 85 lbs.  It’s going to be a LONG journey for sure.  The name of this Blog is “gr8by48” because I would love to be looking great by my 48th birthday in May of 2013.  No, I don’t believe that I can lose 85 lbs by then.  Thirty or 40 would be nice, and would have me looking a whole heck of a lot better than I do now.

UPDATE:  So I didn’t make my goal of looking great BY 48.  Now the goal is to start looking great while I am still 48!  So by the end of this year of being 48, I want to look and feel awesome!  Thus my return after 6 months of nothing.

Plan of choice for now (at least 30 days) is the Ideal Protein Protocol, using alternative products.