Today the Journey Begins…

I made it through the first day and I must say it was not so bad!  The coffee thing in the morning is going to be tuff, but I am determined to do it right, and that means NO half and half.  Skim milk is allowed, but OMG why bother?

Here’s to tomorrow!

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Well, here I am again, come crawling back with my tail between my legs.  Still 80-90lbs overweight, not still 48: now I am 49  🙁  I have failed *yet again* at making the year count!  So here I’ve come back to 3FC, to try try again.

This time around gonna try Ideal Protein, with alternatives.  It won’t be easy on the budget even with the alternativies, but I need to make this happen.  Never before did I look at myself and *literally* cry.  Well now I do.  I’ve gotten to the point where I am disgusted by what I see.  Some would say not to think so harshly; I think it might just be what I need to kick my arse into finally doing this right.  I can choose any diet plan I want, and it will work for me; I’ve demonstrated that many times over.  My problem is sticking too it.  I start out all gung-ho….and then a few weeks (or in some cases, a mere few days) I totally fall apart.  Not good.

So here we go again, another re-start.  Food planned for today:

(B): coffee x2 with 6ozs total designer whey RTD, French vanilla flavor; South Beach bar

(L): 2c cucumbers; DW chocolate protein shake

(D): baked chicken, 8ozs; lettuce salad with 2tsp EVOO; 2c cooked cauliflower

(S): Pure protein bar

So, yeah, I know I shouldn’t have 2 bars in one day; breakfast got all out of whack at work, and had to have a bar; I really am going to need something tonight though when everyone else in the fam is going to be having the evening snack.  Don’t want to make a shake, as I need something to chew.  My plan is to have shakes for breakfast, so today will be the only time this happens, hopefully.

~journey on~

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OK, so the work is paying off apparently — scale says I am down 2 lbs.  That’s great if it’s right, lol.  Let’s just hope it’s right.  There may need to be a new scale purchase in the future though, as this one tends to add pounds on the more times you step on it in a row!  I’ve been known to gain 3 lbs in 30 seconds from stepping on, stepping off and then stepping back on again to “just make sure”.  So, might start looking for a new one, idk.  Or maybe I’ll just stop getting off and on again — on once, take the number, leave it be.

Yesterday went easy I think.  Coffee and shake for breakfast, bar and salad for lunch, protein and cooked veggie for dinner, shake for snack.  I think maybe I didn’t get in 4 cups of other veggies (besides salad).  And, I remembered something else:  they say to eat the dark green lettuce for the free lettuce, not the pale lettuce that comes in the big bags!  Oh well, I will use up the 2 bags I have, and then start buying the romaine.  More work for me, but probably worth it in the end.

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OK, so I am blowing the dust off of my 3FC Blog, since I re-starting going there and posting.  I am back on the weight loss Journey (got waylayed for a while) and using IP with alternative products.  I am going to sincerely try to come here and write every day.  It might be a list of what ate, it might be something that I struggled with on a given day, it might a complaining session about the way my clothes look….who knows.  But I will be here, that’s what’s important.  I’ve been reading almost all day today on the IP FAQs pages to get myself re-acquainted with the protocol.  Lots of great information to be found there.

I am off and running!

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So yeah, I just heard the forecast for the return to work tomorrow: snow from 7-11 a.m., then sleet and freezing rain till about 2 p.m. Uber ugly! Makes me want to play hookie for sure! Can’t though, too busy. (Someone take this can of nuts away from me please!)

I am now through day 15 of NO cheats, 100% on plan; I am very proud of myself! I have not had so much as one bit of the typical rice, pasta, bread, potatoes that used to be such a big part of my eating. I make stuff for my family and I have one of the kids come taste test it! One bite for me and I know I will cave. Not going there. I also have not had one single piece of chocolate from the work candy dish; last week there were boxes and boxes of cookies in the kitchen at work — I didn’t even look at them emoticon

I have discovered doctored up cottage cheese this weekend! Hate the stuff plain, but got some good ideas for doctoring it up. Favorite so far: cinnamon and a teeny bit of vanilla and a teeny bit of Truvia…so yummy it reminds me almost of rice pudding. Lots of other ideas to try, both sweet and savory. Most would make an excellent choice for breakfast, as I am tired of egg salad. I think I overloaded on egg salad these last 2 weeks.

So there’s my weekend report. Now off to bed and then nasty commute to work at 6:30.

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So, I’ve been MIA from here for a while.  NOT from weight loss journey, just from 3FC.  I found that I wasn’t fitting in anywhere on the forums, wanted a place where I could track food, and didn’t want to be coming to lots of different sites.  Well, I found a place that is wonderfully supportive (not saying that 3FC is not), I can track my foods, keep a blog, read tons of articles, etc., etc.  But I don’t know…I keep being drawn back to 3FC…probably because this is where I started out once upon a time and long long ago.

So, I am back here, back to this Blog; it looks prettier.  I don’t know how much I will participate on the forums, as I still don’t feel like I fit in anywhere.  But at least I have this Blog.  I can cry, moan, bitch and complain about how it’s going, or how it’s not going.  I’ve been at my re-commit since sometime in December, and frankly I am discouraged that I’ve only lost 4 lousy pounds!  Yeah, the Holidays were here and I guess I should discount that time.  But still and all, I’ve been 13 or 14 days honest on plan and the weight is just NOT coming off like I thought it would.  Will have to see where I can make it tighter I suppose.

Feels good to be “back home” at 3FC.  I don’t think I will give up the other place since I’ve made friends there, but instead I will take what I love from here, and from there and make the best of it!

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it begins.  I am in for a very long journey, but a very important one.  I must take this journey, I must make my feet move.  And and the end, then I can rest and be happy.  I joined a site today called “3 fat chicks on a diet”.  How can I go wrong with a support team with that kind of title?  Seems like a fun and very supportive group.  That is where the Blog comes from — you can set one up there.

So, with about 95 lbs to lose, I am in for the long haul.  And of course I am choosing the worst time of the year to start this:  the Holidays?  What was I thinking?  Obviously I wasn’t thinking.  But no, really, if I want to be “great by 48”  then I have Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and some of May.  That’s it.  Five full months, and some of the sixth month.  So I gotta get my butt in gear or that cutesy little title I just made up for myself is gonna go bust. If I can lose maybe 10 lbs each month, I think that I will be well on my way; I should certainly be feeling great with a 60 lbs loss.

I just have to follow the yellow-brick road.  Every. Single. Day.

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