WI May 10th

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yay i hit it i hit it! funny part, even though it was only the two lbs, it feels good to be in the 170s!!!! yay!!!

Slimquick commerical..

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so the summer challenge was between the hubby and i and might i just say he has been doing an awesome job and its COMPLETELY showing in his clothes and on the scale. i was utterly disgusted for about five minutes after WI on Sunday, the poor guy, by his amazing loss of 6 lbs in one week. mind you he went to the gym three times and this past weekend we had two bbqs to attend, in which he had beers and tons of meat (ribs and korean beef). ha and he lost six lbs! i lost 1…i totally thought about the Slimquick commercial with that cartoon drawn up married couple. the wife complaining about how the husband stopped drinking soda and he lost 12 lbs in a week while she hasn’t had carbs in two years…blah blah. lol its a funny commercial, but when you see it in real life it truly isn’t funny but irritating. but then again i can’t complain, the hubby has been kickin butt since we started the challenge, and i know that he’s in a “zone.” that even when he’s NOT following his normal routine, his body is still burning. plus this is my husband, not like its a random person, he’s getting healthy for the better of himself and our life. i just dont want to come off as this evil wife who doesn’t know how to encourage and praise her husband when he’s doing an awesome job. 🙂
he ran with me tonight, did my 2 miles, recorded the time today: 17:10. my goal is to cut it down slowly but surely, and NOT to go over that at any point. here’s to another challenge ontop of staying focused for finals coming! aaahhhhh…i feel the insanity creeping up.

P.S. anyone see Wolverine yet? just saw it today…really good, would recommend it! 🙂

May 4-May 10

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hopefully i can cut down my 2 miles and start getting some “real” cardio in. 🙂

WI May 3

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so i only made it half way to the goal, but i’m thinking its because of TOM i had last week (he actually just left today)…here’s to a new week..

Awesome weather for an awesome friday!

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hi ladies! what a wonderful friday it was! i’m exhausted and was actually hesitant in logging on since i’m always here for about an hour reading everyones blog and trying to comment where i can. 🙂 (PS. thanks for all the encouraging words ladies (getupnow, inkheart & shallweshrink)-inkheart: i saw that book you mentioned at Barnes&Noble a few months ago and thought about buying it, but didn’t know if it’d be what i really “needed” during my journey, but after your description I really think I want to check it out after this semester is over…thanks for the tip! 🙂

so another month down and now only one month left to see how close i can get to that overall goal i had beginning of March-30 lbs in 4 months. well i’m only down 8 so far, so to be healthy and realistic i’ll be happy if i can drop another 10 by June 1. I’d pray for more, but with finals around the corner…i went running this morning with the dogs, it’s funny, Raider (my boy dog) is up to par and is always down for a sprint or two for as long as you need him. he’s my little bundle of energy and Princess (my girl dog) is a bit of a fatty. i find it funny that they’re two complete different extremes, but it keeps me going. Anyway workin up to the two miles has been tough because i’ve noticed that princess too is having a hard time keeping up. mind you yesterday i felt good to push through the two miles and she was lagging way behind, almost had to drop the leash. i felt horrible in dragging her so i stopped short at 1.5 miles. this morning we tried it again, and this time she completely stopped right at our 1 mile marker. :sighs: so i was complaining to the hubby (he went to the gym while i went to the track) and he said he’d run with me tonight without the dogs. and that’s what we did and guess what!? I RAN THE 2 MILES!!!!! totally proud of myself! so today i did a total of 3 miles jogging and 1 mile walk. 🙂 i’m happy with that. WI is on Sunday, only two days away and with TOM here i’m hoping that i’ll have dropped those 2 lbs. I’ve had a “hole in my foot” the past few days, i’ve been trying to limit the portions and trying to steer away from the cravings, but its been extremely hard with TOM here. :sighs: anyway, i’m so tired i’m not even sure if this makes any sense anymore. ha. happy friday and weekend ladies! check in with you on WI!

What’s a girl to do?

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i’m a bit frustrated with myself for having been “stuck” in the low 80s and not being able to break through. I feel like I was on such an awesome streak with running, then had these severe migraines two weeks back placing fear in my heart that I would pass out if I went to go run on my own, so I simply avoided exercise all together for the past two weeks. In fact today was the first day back into the “routine” of running again. I was only able to do 1.50 miles today, gotta work my way up to that 2 mile mark again without stopping. baby steps, and i’m fine with that, but just frustrated that when i was running continuously i did not see the major fall in weight i was hoping for. 🙁  anyway, perhaps i didn’t stick with it long enough? or maybe i should focus more on time then actual distance…:shrugs: idk, i just know that i’m about ready to see the 70s at anytime now! grrr…here’s to the last four days to try and get er done! 😉 hope you all are doing well.

April 27-May 3

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i know i only have four days left to hit this goal, and honestly i haven’t jumped on the scale since Sunday last WI, so hopefully I’ve already utilized the past three days enough that i’ll be able to drop another two lbs? Gosh summer is coming so quickly! cheers!

WI April 29, 2009

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so i never posted a goal, but here is where i weighed in this past sunday. I know late, considering WI is in 4 days. :sighs:

WI April 19th

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talk about disappointment. I don’t even want to come up with the excuses…boooo to this past week and here comes all the hard work, sweat and tears that i have to step up to get to where i need to go. :sighs:

gotta stay consistent

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howdy chicks! sorry for the absence, i’m finding it hard to get time for myself, and find the time to come online, blog and comment on your progress as well (as that’s my favorite part of this site). I’m glad to say that during spring break i was able to kick butt and get some running in. infact i’m happy to report that although i absolutly hate running with a passion, i’ve been able to work my way up from 1/2 mile to now 2 miles without stopping! 🙂 yes VERY proud of myself. i was going to attempt at 2.25 miles today, but the hubby suggested that instead of increasing the distance i should attempt running the 2 miles at a quicker pace to get the heart rate going and the fat burning to kick in. so i’m slightly excited, although i NEVER thought i’d say that when it comes to running…haha. so as my little chart shows i’ve dropped maybe 3 lbs since my last post…a little upset that it’s not more, but guess i can’t complain better than nothing or gaining right!? WI is on sunday, just 2 days away, and this weeks goal was 2 lbs. not big on the exercise this week and lots of eating last wknd because of easter, so hopefully the 2 lbs can disappear with the lower calories i’ve been intaking this week and the 1400 yd swim on Wednesday, the 2 miles jog yesterday and today. goal tmrw to go to the gym in the morning w/the hubby for another distance swim, hopefully 1500 yds this time…hope you all r having an awesome FRIDAY!

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