R.I.P Aunt Linda

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Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. I lost my Aunt Linda this past Wednesday (Aug 27th). Been consoling my family and trying to stay strong myself. I really don’t want to get into details, but prayers for peace for my family would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all in advance…

As far as my progress, naturally no exercise or really any “watching what I eat” the past few days, although I haven’t had much of an appetite anyway. TOM FINALLY came! And I must say that I already feel much better with my tummy and overall, amazingly since I haven’t been exercising at all. I did go for a very light swim at my Aunt’s house today but I wouldn’t really call it exercising, it was more just casual floating…lol. It was more to keep her company than anything else; she would like me to continue meeting her each morning for a swim, and I hope I can keep up with her, at least through this weekend before Tuesday (when school starts). WI will be on Monday, even with the holiday, and I’m hoping to squeeze some time in at the gym pool this weekend. I think it’ll help with releasing some emotions with this heavy week thus far.

I hope everyone has had a blessed week and had a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!

Man, this REALLY sucks!

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I’m really disappointed with the WI today; I gained back 2 lbs this past week, I really think it’s b/c of 3 issues…1.I didn’t exercise last week like I normally do, which really scares me, if it’s the cause b/c when school starts I’m not going to be able to keep up with the routine I’ve been doing this summer. 2.The food choices over the weekend were HORRIBLE! Absolutely HORRIBLE…had fast food on Friday night with the hubby, Saturday had restaurant brunch with family from out of town and 3.My stupid, stupid, stupid TOM hasn’t come yet, and he was supposed to show up on the 15th, so maybe some water retention? I feel bloated and just gross all over, haven’t been digesting my food like I normally do, if you catch my drift….so I’m just negative right now about everything. To top it off, I’m REALLY lazy, I got up went to the pool this morning only to discover that it’s closed for “cleaning” until 12p this afternoon, but there’s no point in going there at that time, because it’s going to be really really really full. So I’ll have to just start up again tomorrow…tomorrow seems like it never comes, lately. :: sighs :: I hope everyone has had a great TACO TERRIFIC TUESDAY thus far, and I hope some positive posts are around so that it’ll encourage me to let all the negative feelings go away. ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs to all….

Last week before school starts!

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And I’ve already gotten off track…a friend called me early this morning to let me know that she’s stopping into town for a few hours today, so of course I blew off the gym to go with her for a few hours and her kids.ย  It was fun, we ran a few errands for her and the kids, got lunch, went to downtown disney for some shopping and entertainment then came back.ย  It was nice to see her kids (my god daughter included) and my friend, a bit disappointed with the food choices today though (had a big mac sandwich and a quarter of bread pudding from jazz kitchen) ๐Ÿ™ย  with no exercise, I feel like a total fatty, not to mention I was supposed to have WI today, but I guess I can’t be too harsh on myself; as I always say, “Nothing I can do about what’s already been done, only moving fwd now.” So that’s what I’m doing, have every intention of going in for my long swi tomorrow morning and jumping back into the routine of things with my eating.ย  Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL and MAGNIFICENT MONDAY! can’t wait to read some of your posts.

Droggy Friday…

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So the interview went REALLY well last night, I ended up being for a Commercial Listing Company about 25 minutes from my house and right off the freeway, so wouldn’t be difficult from school.ย  Anyway, at the end of the interview he asked if I could come in today for a 2nd interview/typing tests, and I told him I would, he sd he would give me a call with availability times.ย  I went to the mall again and bought another “interview” shirt from Express…first time I’ve been able to shop there since high school! Yay me! I think that was the perk of my ENTIRE WEEK!ย  Anyway I hadn’t heard anything from him by 1:30p so I decided to give him a call to check in, and he sd, “When I sd that yesterday, i was just checking your availability, percisely why I asked for your phone number. When I’m ready for you to come in for testing then I’ll go ahead and give you a call.”ย  So at that moment I entirely shut down. lol sound so dramatic, but I don’t want to work with ppl like that, and just his demeanor yesterday was just “off.”ย  So that’s it about that….I started posting my resume to adds again late this afternoon.

I did a tiny swim this afternoon to release some frustration, only about 500 yards (the pool was REALLY full).ย  Did some housecleaning and then started feeling really blah.ย  :: sighs :: I think it’s more from being on a high from yesterday’s interview and results and then the saddening affect of today’s conversation and then lack of sleep this week. Some reason the hubby and I can’t get comfy this week…so YAY TO FRIDAY NIGHTS! I hope everyone has been doing EXCELLENT, think I’m going to treat myself to a glass of wine to say goodbye to aย crazy week.


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Good morning chicks!ย  I think this is the earlist I’ve posted, but it’s more so because of the busy day I have ahead of me.ย  I’m helping my mom with her business this morning for about 2 hours or so…and then have to go shopping to buy a nice INTERVIEW SHIRT!!! That’s right ladies, I’ve landed an interview…lol it’s with the creepy guy I mentioned yesterday, on the phone he didn’t sound creepy.ย  I decided last night to leave directions in how to get to the office with the phone number and what I’m wearing for the hubby when he gets home, in case ANYTHING happens to me, you dig? ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I know I’m paranoid, but..IDK, I’m just wierd I guess.

Thanks to EVERYONE (RACH, LOSINGIT, CATHERINE999, RUNNINGBEE & LILLIE) for your supportive comments and encouragement, it means to so much to know that I have “cyber” support too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I truely do consider you all friends, thanks again.ย 

I decided to skip out on the exercise today, it’ll be my “off” day, considering I have a non-planned out weekend this weekend I’ll hit up the pool Saturday to make up for today.ย  My title is referring to my body, EVERYTHING seems to be extremely tight and sore this morning, which is a big something since it’s been a while since I’ve felt that way now. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  At least the hard work is paying off at this point now. Well, nothing else to really report this morning, too early for me I think, I’ll let you all know about the interview as soon as I can.ย  Hugs to all!

Hope everyone has a TERRIFIC THURSDAY! (one more day until friday)….

Maybe I watch “The First 48” too much?

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Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement, I reflect back on them when I’m doing my morning swim, it’s amazing how much all of your words help me out!ย  Hugs to all!

So, as for my title….as many of you know, I have been searching for a PT job since my hubby’s income is just not cuttin it for right now, with our mtg pymt, truck pymt, credit cards, and school tuition and gas (whew…gas ::shakes head::)ย  well, I applied to many jobs the past two weeks, starting from careerbuilder.com, monster.com, jobs in the newspaper and craigslist.com.ย  I just got to email responses from two job positions I applied for on craigslist! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m completely ecstatic; the first job looks like for a legit company, one that is established in my community, but the second one, sounds kind of wierd.ย  It’s for a data entry position that is available after 4p Mon-Fri for only 4-5 hours a day…the guy who responded to my resume post isn’t very professional, he leaves one or two sentences and just places his name at the bottom of the email.ย  I am supposed to call him tonight after 6p…don’t they normally contact you if they want to speak to you?ย  I don’t know, it just sounds wierd.ย  LOL I haven’t mentioned that to the hubby at all, because he doesn’t really want me to get a job right now anyway…after I speak to this guy tonight I hope that these fears will settle and I won’t be so wierded out…I think I may just be watching too much of my fav TV show (The First 48)…lol.ย  Thanks to everyone for your encouraging words during this search for a job.

I hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY…happy half of the week, hump day!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Bless the hubby’s heart…

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I woke up this morning complaining to the hubby how much i really didn’t want to go to the gym this morning for the swim because i was so tired and for some reason i woke up on the negative side this morning telling him that i’m frustrated that last week i worked EXTREMELY hard, almost harder than i did when in high school, and i feel like i’m not seeing the results that i intended, especially since i’ve seen friends that i haven’t seen in a long time recently and they didn’t notice any physcial change. ๐Ÿ™ so i’m just a bit discouraged right now, which is interesting because this entire time i’ve been very positive and optimistic about it. ANYWAY, he ended up telling me that he thinks i’m a plateau, that i’m focusing more on the number of my yards in the swim, instead of pushing myself until it literally hurts and i can’t go on. I was a bit upset, because i feel like i’ve been pushing really hard….but on the way to the gym, i called to apologize to him for my barking this morning, and agree with him (he’s been so supportive this entire time, and if anything has been the sole reason why i keep trying). so i jumped in the pool this morning (sharing a lane with an older korean lady, i’ve seen there many mornings) and started my laps…i ended up doing an additional 1,000 yards than i normally do; so that places my total swim this morning to 3,000 yards! ๐Ÿ™‚ am i proud? hell yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚ does my entire body hurt? hell yeah! ๐Ÿ™‚ more than i thought it would, so i’m pleased that although at the time he sd something i didn’t really want to hear, once again he’s shown me that maybe i need to keep pushing harder. after the gym i came home rank 45 oz of water and had a banana (thanks APOLOGIA for the tip on the sore + banana, definately helps!) and then left with princess (1 of my 4 dogs) to drop off the hubby’s drycleaning. it was a total of 3 miles, we jogged maybe about half of that, maybe more like a mile.ย  but hey, i was hurting and i am still extremely satisfied.ย  i also had a yummy salad for lunch and am working on my 3rd 45 oz of H2O right now. ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope everyone has had a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

A bit disappointed, but still optimistic

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so WI was today, i didn’t hit my 2 lb goal, but at the same time, i’m NOT upset, because the food choices this weekend was really, really, bad, so i’m happy with having lost anything at all. :: sighs :: disappointed now that i look back on it, but not something i want to talk about right now since there’s absolutely nothing i can do about it now, except move forward.

had my usual swim this morning, thanks to LOSINGIT, SHAWNIE81, and BEATHEAT for all the kind words and encouragement, definately helped me through this weekend. watched tons of olympics, amazing how inspiring the athletes are to those who would DIE for their bodies, but then you realize they didn’t get it easy….which reminds me that i won’t come easy either….so i can’t complain. my cup is half full, and am excited about hitting the pool hard and really eating RIGHT….RIGHT, meaning the way i KNOW i should…no exceptions…school is coming soon and i really need to get serious, because i know the business law class is going to want to drive me to chocolate and chili cheese fries. but steady is my hand…:: looks around :: with the encouragement from you chicks, thanks!

hope everyone had a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!

one of THOSE days…

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i didn’t workout today, due to an injury i incurred last night on my bike.ย  when i was riding with princess, i lost balance and slammed my pinky toe into the cement wall, trying to save my bike from scratching.ย  last night it throbbed pretty bad, but i didn’t get as much pain as i did last night when i got out of the shower. amazing what some hot water and soap reveal…lol…its always after the shower when you feel your muscles pounding, or injuries start to actually HURT. so last night i had the hubby look at it, looks like i took off about half of the top layer of my nail. ๐Ÿ™ย  so i put some meds on it with a bandaid and prayed it would be good to go today with the pool. as brave as i was i tried, and it was just too painful, couldn’t handle it. so i came home put on my shoes to see if i could jog and didn’t get far at all before it started to hurt as well. so i took today off and instead did 300 crunches. : sighs : a bit disappointed since i’ve done so well this entire week, but at the same time, the break was more than welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

i was able to catch some lunch and a movie with a gf from high school. she looks amazing! she was never chunky, just a bit thick, its funny when i look back at it now, it was as if she still had “baby fat” in high school. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  anyway she’s in a masters program at USC, and she looks awesome! she sd she’s on a student’s diet, lol which, everyone knows is just the cheap and minimal stuff, but that’s what i’m on and i don’t look like her. : sighs : she hadn’t seen me in about 6 months too, and i thought for sure she would mention that i look like i lost some, but then again, 6 months to now and just 15 lbs down, i guess i’ll have to wait to hit my 25 lb goal first before she says anything. :shrugs:

i’m not sure of what to make for dinner tonight, normally the hubby orders out, so that i don’t have to cook, which is nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  well, i hope everyone had a FABULOUS FRIDAY and have great plans for the weekend, even if it is RESTING! hugs to everyone!

i LOVE water!

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especially on HOT and humid days like this….who would have thunk in so. cal it would be this humid!ย  jeez louise…did my swim today (2000 yards) but decided instead of taking Princess (one of my four dogs) for a jog I’d go on the bike and drop off the drycleaning and run a quick errand to the store; surprisingly she did EXTREMELY well, so I was very pleased. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I dropped her off and then went to the bank to make a deposit and then back to the gym to sign my Grandma up under as a family add on for her bday. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  She was completely thrilled and thankful for it.ย  She cracks me up and keeps me going; she’s going to turn 79 in October, and she has a heart and mind of a 25 year old, she can definately keep up with the best of em.ย  So I admire her for her spirit and her healthy body, thought what would have been a better treat then a gym pass. She’ll probably end up showing me up in the pool. hehe…

Thank you everyone for your such kind words and encouragement. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  I appreciate everyone of you and always look forward to reading as many of your blogs as I possibly can.ย  Hugs to all and I hope everyone has a TREMENDOUSLY FUN THURSDAY ๐Ÿ™‚

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