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So Monday, didn’t work out so well with waking up early enough in time to get a decent swim in and get ready for school, so I decided to try it this morning.  Last night the hubby was asleep by 8p and I by8:30p (I sound old, but it’s just because we’re so busy everyday, AND i wanted to get to the gym this morning).  So I did, the alarm went off at 3:45a, and to the hubby’s surprise I was getting ready for a swim at the gym. 🙂  He kind of sighed out of frustration because he doesn’t have to get up until 5:30a and I broke into his sleep; but nonetheless I was outta the house by 3:50a and then in the pool by 4:10a.  Didn’t have nearly as much distance as I did previously for 2 reasons, 1 i was running outta time and 2 i was tired!  so a bit disappointed that i’ll have to work my way up to 3,000 yards again, but at the same time, not surprised what 3 weeks can take away from you.  so all in all, i’m extremely excited that i had the urge to get up and go this morning and that i’ve been able to get lots of accounting hmwk done and will be working on finance shortly. 🙂

hope all you chicks are having a blessed and wonderful, HUMP DAY! 🙂  can’t wait to hear of some of your posts….

It’s been F-O-R-E-V-E-R!

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Hello world and chicks!  It’s been forever since I’ve checked in and Lord does it feel like I’ve needed it.  I haven’t focused on “me” and my “body” since I’ve been here, and surprisingly all my HORRIBLE choices in food and lack of exercise hasn’t shown any impacts on the scale YET, but I know if I keep it up it’s going to start packing on again and it’s going to become hard to stop it.  So I’ve decided to stop what I’m doing with hitting it so hard with school the ENTIRE day and then focus on the hubby and family at night and take 20 minutes for ME. 10 minutes to get on here and check in and 10 minutes for some quiet time, which includes some prayer.

School started on Tuesday (the 2nd) and it’s a full schedule with really demanding core classes, so I’ve been focusing on em pretty hard. amazing how much work i have when i don’t even have the textbooks yet.  which is another story with prices…my CHEM class alone is going to cost me roughly $300 for USED books!  🙁  I’m trying not to stress about it, going to see if there’s something I can arrange with the professor in NOT buying the book. :: cross your fingers ::  speaking of that and exercising, in order for me to fit exercise (particularly my swim) in my school schedule and life; I have to wake up at 4:30a in order to get an hour swim in so I can come home and get ready for school with a shower and stuff.  Which I am COMPLETELY willing to do, because in all honesty, I feel 150% better about myself when I do, problem is I need to have the energy to be able to wake up that early and be able to stay up late and do hmwk.  So I’m going to test it out tomorrow morning at 4:30a and try to do my best in rushing in the morning so that I can stay on track with my priorities.  wish me luck!

So no luck in finding a PT job…still trying though.  I’ve enlisted in a program at school that helps in looking for students jobs that include internships related with your major or PT jobs, so I’m praying I see some positive, flexible results.

That’s it for now, I got tons of hmwk to get to….tomorrow will be WI, since I haven’t had an “official” one in a while.  talk to you guys tomorrow!