WI April 29, 2009

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so i never posted a goal, but here is where i weighed in this past sunday. I know late, considering WI is in 4 days. :sighs:

WI April 19th

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talk about disappointment. I don’t even want to come up with the excuses…boooo to this past week and here comes all the hard work, sweat and tears that i have to step up to get to where i need to go. :sighs:

April 12-April 19

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so i haven’t been updating these mini goals, but here is where I was at as of April 12th and I promise to log after WI this sunday, 2 more days…

Since May of 2008 to now:

March 16- March 22

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So new goal, since I’m now nice and healthy, figure I have no excuses, other than midterms, but I’m still squeezing in my exercise time as “me” time. doing this all for the greater good of this summer and my self-esteem. Let’s go gun-ho for the 3 lbs I’m trying to stay consistent with…so 182 here I come!

Just shy for Week 2 WI

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So the 3 lbs didn’t just burn off as well as I had hoped it would, but I can’t say I’m surprised it was a rough 2nd week with being sick and all, so being down 1 lb, i’ll take with a grain of salt. 🙂 here is where I’m at now…on to week 3 (even though we’re already half way in it)

March 9-March 15

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new mini goal for this week another 3 lbs…hopefully this is achievable considering i’m starting off sick with a stupid cold. boo to stuffy noses, sore throats and body aches. 🙁 but i’m determined to push the water intake and get some exercise in if its dueable…

wooo hooo: Accomplish week 1 minigoal

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yay yay yay…accomplishment feels so good! 🙂 even when you can’t breathe from your nose and you sound like a heffer just walking down hill…lol it still feels good! 🙂 WI was yesterday, Sunday, and I’m down 4 lbs in week one! even though I didn’t hit my exercise goal of the days to the gym and pool, i guess it was the major water intake and the food changes that made the difference….

March 1-7, 2009

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So I’m being reasonable in my four month adventure, I’m estimating roughly 8 to 10 lbs a month, give or take I have an awesome month and another that’s stagnant…but as of now let’s take it week by week as that seems more plausable…

December 21, 2008 WI

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Okay so the WI dated 2 days ago, actually was a weight at the doctor’s office on the 12th. So it’s possible to have lost 3 lbs (although it shows that i lost it in 2 days, more likely the past week). plus not to sound gross or anything but been eating lots of fiber lately….catch the drift. Here’s my mid-week progress….

December 19, 2008 WI

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New goal for December 31, 2008 (that’s 12 days, and 8 lbs…I’d settle for 5 lbs, but why not reach for the sky!)

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