June 1-June 7

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So w/ summer school starting tmrw, i’m a bit nervous n incorporating some good food choices and some healthy steady exercise, but no excuse, as there is always something to come around and about. plus omg its june! here’s this weeks goal…another ready steady 2 lbs…

WI May 31

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so i only made it half way, and no one’s fault but my own. i was having too much fun for my only week off from school. 🙂 and i have no regrets as it was filled w/family, friends and lots of lovin from the hubby. 🙂 here’s to a new goal w/ a new week ahead….

May 25-May 31

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so this weeks goal is another steady 2 lbs, although i’d love double since its my week of “summer vacation” before summer school starts, i’m going to be realistic, because vacation can mean lazy or it can mean hardwork and i haven’t decided in which i’m settling for yet. 🙂

WI May 24

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so this was already set last week during finals and never posted, but i had it on my calendar, so the goal was 177 from 179, finally dropping those measily 2 lbs i’ve been trying to do and i did it! i thought it was mainly from stress, so we’ll have to wait and see with the week off here. 🙂

WI May 17

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so i completely got sidetracked with prepping for finals and forgot to note my WI i didn’t get anywhere, but i’m taking the no gain no loss as amazing considering i normally binge really bad with finals. so yay. 🙂

May 10-May 16

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So here’s this weeks goal, another steady 2 lbs, even though i’d be completely satisfied with more. 🙂

WI May 10th

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yay i hit it i hit it! funny part, even though it was only the two lbs, it feels good to be in the 170s!!!! yay!!!

May 4-May 10

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hopefully i can cut down my 2 miles and start getting some “real” cardio in. 🙂

WI May 3

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so i only made it half way to the goal, but i’m thinking its because of TOM i had last week (he actually just left today)…here’s to a new week..

April 27-May 3

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i know i only have four days left to hit this goal, and honestly i haven’t jumped on the scale since Sunday last WI, so hopefully I’ve already utilized the past three days enough that i’ll be able to drop another two lbs? Gosh summer is coming so quickly! cheers!

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