Polka Dot Bikini Giiiiirl :)

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ha, the hubby’s always tellin me he’s gonna buy me one once i get down to that 150 goal i’ve been trying for, for the past year. and now that it’s so close in sight i find myself lagging even more. 🙂 ironic i guess, as we work so hard to get to a goal & mentally u c that its just around the corner & i can’t beat myself up enough to get there…jeez to think it’s less than 20 lbs away…if i work real hard i know i can drop it before the family trip last week of july. it’d be awesome to get there before fourth of July, but don’t want to reach for the stars just yet as i know i’m in a “rut”

so awesome personal news! i got a call from Nike on Friday, they want me back! totally excited to be working there again, just in time for summer. and its nothing more but motivation as i’m selling sports attire and shoes and the like to women who adore exercise (particularly running). i’m just a bit nervous being able to incorporate working, summer school, my personal life & exercise, but i guess i gotta find a way to make it all part of a “regular” day. if its nothing out of the ordinary, then it shouldn’t be hard right? :/

Hope all you chicks had an awesome weekend with family and friends, can’t wait to check in. :hugs:

P.S. Thanks inkheart for the note about the website, i changed it, very simple w/ur instructions..thx again! 🙂