What’s a girl to do?

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i’m a bit frustrated with myself for having been “stuck” in the low 80s and not being able to break through. I feel like I was on such an awesome streak with running, then had these severe migraines two weeks back placing fear in my heart that I would pass out if I went to go run on my own, so I simply avoided exercise all together for the past two weeks. In fact today was the first day back into the “routine” of running again. I was only able to do 1.50 miles today, gotta work my way up to that 2 mile mark again without stopping. baby steps, and i’m fine with that, but just frustrated that when i was running continuously i did not see the major fall in weight i was hoping for. 🙁  anyway, perhaps i didn’t stick with it long enough? or maybe i should focus more on time then actual distance…:shrugs: idk, i just know that i’m about ready to see the 70s at anytime now! grrr…here’s to the last four days to try and get er done! 😉 hope you all are doing well.

gotta stay consistent

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howdy chicks! sorry for the absence, i’m finding it hard to get time for myself, and find the time to come online, blog and comment on your progress as well (as that’s my favorite part of this site). I’m glad to say that during spring break i was able to kick butt and get some running in. infact i’m happy to report that although i absolutly hate running with a passion, i’ve been able to work my way up from 1/2 mile to now 2 miles without stopping! 🙂 yes VERY proud of myself. i was going to attempt at 2.25 miles today, but the hubby suggested that instead of increasing the distance i should attempt running the 2 miles at a quicker pace to get the heart rate going and the fat burning to kick in. so i’m slightly excited, although i NEVER thought i’d say that when it comes to running…haha. so as my little chart shows i’ve dropped maybe 3 lbs since my last post…a little upset that it’s not more, but guess i can’t complain better than nothing or gaining right!? WI is on sunday, just 2 days away, and this weeks goal was 2 lbs. not big on the exercise this week and lots of eating last wknd because of easter, so hopefully the 2 lbs can disappear with the lower calories i’ve been intaking this week and the 1400 yd swim on Wednesday, the 2 miles jog yesterday and today. goal tmrw to go to the gym in the morning w/the hubby for another distance swim, hopefully 1500 yds this time…hope you all r having an awesome FRIDAY!