WI May 3

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so i only made it half way to the goal, but i’m thinking its because of TOM i had last week (he actually just left today)…here’s to a new week..

Awesome weather for an awesome friday!

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hi ladies! what a wonderful friday it was! i’m exhausted and was actually hesitant in logging on since i’m always here for about an hour reading everyones blog and trying to comment where i can. 🙂 (PS. thanks for all the encouraging words ladies (getupnow, inkheart & shallweshrink)-inkheart: i saw that book you mentioned at Barnes&Noble a few months ago and thought about buying it, but didn’t know if it’d be what i really “needed” during my journey, but after your description I really think I want to check it out after this semester is over…thanks for the tip! 🙂

so another month down and now only one month left to see how close i can get to that overall goal i had beginning of March-30 lbs in 4 months. well i’m only down 8 so far, so to be healthy and realistic i’ll be happy if i can drop another 10 by June 1. I’d pray for more, but with finals around the corner…i went running this morning with the dogs, it’s funny, Raider (my boy dog) is up to par and is always down for a sprint or two for as long as you need him. he’s my little bundle of energy and Princess (my girl dog) is a bit of a fatty. i find it funny that they’re two complete different extremes, but it keeps me going. Anyway workin up to the two miles has been tough because i’ve noticed that princess too is having a hard time keeping up. mind you yesterday i felt good to push through the two miles and she was lagging way behind, almost had to drop the leash. i felt horrible in dragging her so i stopped short at 1.5 miles. this morning we tried it again, and this time she completely stopped right at our 1 mile marker. :sighs: so i was complaining to the hubby (he went to the gym while i went to the track) and he said he’d run with me tonight without the dogs. and that’s what we did and guess what!? I RAN THE 2 MILES!!!!! totally proud of myself! so today i did a total of 3 miles jogging and 1 mile walk. 🙂 i’m happy with that. WI is on Sunday, only two days away and with TOM here i’m hoping that i’ll have dropped those 2 lbs. I’ve had a “hole in my foot” the past few days, i’ve been trying to limit the portions and trying to steer away from the cravings, but its been extremely hard with TOM here. :sighs: anyway, i’m so tired i’m not even sure if this makes any sense anymore. ha. happy friday and weekend ladies! check in with you on WI!

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