Half way to the goal…

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so i pretty much have given up on the 30 lb goal in 3 months, as the deadline is June 1st, I made it almost half way, started at 190 and as of last WI I was at 176. I’m hoping by next WI (Sunday) i’ll be down another 2 lbs, but we’ll see as i’m already half way through my “summer vacation” and only worked out on Saturday doing 1800 yrd swim. We did go down to H.B today to ride our bikes along PCH to Balboa pier. it was beautiful and so much fun. 🙂 i’m not sure how much calories were burned if anything at all, but it was fun nonetheless.

May 25-May 31

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so this weeks goal is another steady 2 lbs, although i’d love double since its my week of “summer vacation” before summer school starts, i’m going to be realistic, because vacation can mean lazy or it can mean hardwork and i haven’t decided in which i’m settling for yet. 🙂

WI May 24

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so this was already set last week during finals and never posted, but i had it on my calendar, so the goal was 177 from 179, finally dropping those measily 2 lbs i’ve been trying to do and i did it! i thought it was mainly from stress, so we’ll have to wait and see with the week off here. 🙂

WI May 17

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so i completely got sidetracked with prepping for finals and forgot to note my WI i didn’t get anywhere, but i’m taking the no gain no loss as amazing considering i normally binge really bad with finals. so yay. 🙂

Finals Schminals…

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its so hard to conjure up some energy this week with finals around the corner. i’ve had the hardest time sleeping at night worrying and thinking about concepts and all the chapters i need to review for the seventeen units i’m carrying this semester. and the stress in prepping for my first summer school classes. :sighs: all that and no energy or time made to workout. i haven’t gone AT ALL this week and am a bit disappointed in myself for it. i’m suppose to run tonight with the hubby. he’s still sleeping (he works graveyard) but should be waking up in about 30 minutes. totally dreading the run, but know its waaaaay overdue. i’m hoping i’ll still see some drop in the weight. i highly doubt it considering i’ve been snacking a lot this week with the stress of finals and the lack of time i have in preparing foods. seems like i’m on the boarder line in all my classes to either increase an entire grade or drop low into a lower grade. so i hate being on that border because so much is at stake. WI is Sunday, and i’m prayin for the best. 🙂 hope ya’ll are doing well! happy friday!

it only takes that one restaurant meal…

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doesn’t it absolutely suck to have such an amazing WI or workout week, to go and eat some food at a restaurant, not feel as though you went completely out of hand, but feel so though you did? I mean i feel so though i’ve gained four lbs just eating a steak dinner with the family for mother’s day tonight and i hate this feeling. :sighs: completely disappointing considering i held myself back…well i guess that means just one thing…time to kick more butt this week, week before finals, might i just through that out there!

had a great weekend, had an awesome swim at the gym friday afternoon, 1700 yds, had taco lunch with the hubby rented movies (Lars and the Real Girl, Notorious, My Best Friend’s Girl and Last Chance Harvey) We haven’t watched the last two yet, since we’ve been out of the house all day. woke up at 5a to go to his mom’s to cook, we made tortas, who knew that boiling the beef would take four hours. 🙂 hung out there, played with the kids and mingled. went to my parents, hung out with them for a while before heading to the restaurant for dinner. really nice…i wanted to upload a pic for you guys but can’t remember how to do them. i have those pics on the “pics of progress” page but can’t remember what i did to get there. ha. 🙂 help please?

anyway i really should be getting back to studying, hope all you mommys had an awesome day today with your children and family! know that you are appreciated all over the world for all the wonderful things you do! :hugs:

May 10-May 16

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So here’s this weeks goal, another steady 2 lbs, even though i’d be completely satisfied with more. 🙂

WI May 10th

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yay i hit it i hit it! funny part, even though it was only the two lbs, it feels good to be in the 170s!!!! yay!!!

Slimquick commerical..

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so the summer challenge was between the hubby and i and might i just say he has been doing an awesome job and its COMPLETELY showing in his clothes and on the scale. i was utterly disgusted for about five minutes after WI on Sunday, the poor guy, by his amazing loss of 6 lbs in one week. mind you he went to the gym three times and this past weekend we had two bbqs to attend, in which he had beers and tons of meat (ribs and korean beef). ha and he lost six lbs! i lost 1…i totally thought about the Slimquick commercial with that cartoon drawn up married couple. the wife complaining about how the husband stopped drinking soda and he lost 12 lbs in a week while she hasn’t had carbs in two years…blah blah. lol its a funny commercial, but when you see it in real life it truly isn’t funny but irritating. but then again i can’t complain, the hubby has been kickin butt since we started the challenge, and i know that he’s in a “zone.” that even when he’s NOT following his normal routine, his body is still burning. plus this is my husband, not like its a random person, he’s getting healthy for the better of himself and our life. i just dont want to come off as this evil wife who doesn’t know how to encourage and praise her husband when he’s doing an awesome job. 🙂
he ran with me tonight, did my 2 miles, recorded the time today: 17:10. my goal is to cut it down slowly but surely, and NOT to go over that at any point. here’s to another challenge ontop of staying focused for finals coming! aaahhhhh…i feel the insanity creeping up.

P.S. anyone see Wolverine yet? just saw it today…really good, would recommend it! 🙂

May 4-May 10

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hopefully i can cut down my 2 miles and start getting some “real” cardio in. 🙂

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