Lazy Sunday

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It’s been a lazy sunday considering we haven’t really been home much today.  The hubby came home from work this morning at 7:30a, got ready for church and for some reason we ended up talking about the rental property much longer than anticipated and soon we were too late to start off to church.  Decided instead to head to Coffee Bean (MY FAV!) for some drinks.  Then headed back home to meet the parents from breakfast.  Went to breakfast, then ran an errand for an Aunt.  Dropped off the parents and went to a movie (4 Christmases) it was cute and just the laugh we both needed considering the stresses we’ve been carrying around this holiday.  Unfortuantly though the hubby needed rest, after being up for 24 hours his cold turned really bad, he has a whooping cough now, and I think I may have JUST convinced him to go to the doctor tomorrow. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get him in the office and out by 10:30a tomorrow since I have work at 12p.  Anyway we were home by 4p and he’s been asleep since then.  I myself have tried to go back to bed since I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, but I have too much going on in the noggin’ to relax. :sighs: I hope everyone finished off their weekend strong and restful. Can’t wait to feel happy, relaxed and at peace with where I’m at in my life again. (being total downer debbie right now and emo cause i don’t feel like gettin into it. hope ya’ll understand) xoxo

December 21, 2008

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SWIM: 800 yards

okay nothing like my last exercises, but I’m getting back into the groove. Hopefully with another 2 days with a minimum of this yardage and a consistent 200 yard increase every 2 days, I’ll be back up to 3,000 ft in no time…

Building Blocks

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So with the support of the hubby and my self determination I was able to hit the gym tonight after a long night at work. 🙂 yay for muah! i prayed on the way that I would have the pool to myself, and sure enough God granted it to me….or it could be that it was 11pm on a Saturday night before Christmas Day, either way I’d like to think God let me have it. 😉 I am a bit disappointed, the farthest I got was 800 yards. Mind you it wasn’t because my body was tired, although my legs were gettin really tight from being tired…i had to quit because I was getting light headed and dizzy. After remembering three things: 1) I haven’t eaten since lunch time, and that was the only time I had ate today, 2) I wasn’t breathing correctly (have to retrain myself) and 3) maybe I was going too fast, as part of the not breathing correctly part….either way I figure I’ll do two more days of a minimum of 800 yards and then start building another 200 until I get to a plateau like I had before. I think my biggest obstacle now…fighting ppl to get into the pool. Saturday nights around 11p seem to work, but I’ll have to find out the PERFECT time to go during the week…hope everyone is out having fun or nice and warm in their beds. 🙂 miss you all, yay to the weekends!

December 21, 2008 WI

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Okay so the WI dated 2 days ago, actually was a weight at the doctor’s office on the 12th. So it’s possible to have lost 3 lbs (although it shows that i lost it in 2 days, more likely the past week). plus not to sound gross or anything but been eating lots of fiber lately….catch the drift. Here’s my mid-week progress….

December 19, 2008 WI

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New goal for December 31, 2008 (that’s 12 days, and 8 lbs…I’d settle for 5 lbs, but why not reach for the sky!)

M.I.A and now I’m found

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:: breaths:: it’s been so hard staying away from the site the past 3 months, but I found it nearly impossible to focus on school, my meesly part-time job and my new healthy lifestyle. I’m glad to report that while away I have NOT gained any weight back, infact lost another 2 lbs. 🙂 I’ve been done with this semester as of Tuesday and have attempted to get back into the pool but just can’t seem to get up early enough to go. Also the hubby started a new job about a month ago and works graveyard shift, so I don’t sleep much at home in an empty bed. :/ He’s been very supportive though so I don’t want to let him down. He had to listen to me whine about not being able to get in the pool all semester and now that I have a month break I’m not taking advantage of it?

I wanted to say thank you to Delita for having checked in with me while I’ve been absent. Thank you so much for being a silent reminder of the necessity of coming back here and staying “on track.” Your mini comments have been a little light on staying away from the easy fast food on campus and all the treats through the holidays, can’t wait to follow up on your posts. xoxo chicks! I’m back and ready to get serious! 🙂

Here is where I am overall….exciting and should be motivating…gooo team!