A bit disappointed, but still optimistic

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so WI was today, i didn’t hit my 2 lb goal, but at the same time, i’m NOT upset, because the food choices this weekend was really, really, bad, so i’m happy with having lost anything at all. :: sighs :: disappointed now that i look back on it, but not something i want to talk about right now since there’s absolutely nothing i can do about it now, except move forward.

had my usual swim this morning, thanks to LOSINGIT, SHAWNIE81, and BEATHEAT for all the kind words and encouragement, definately helped me through this weekend. watched tons of olympics, amazing how inspiring the athletes are to those who would DIE for their bodies, but then you realize they didn’t get it easy….which reminds me that i won’t come easy either….so i can’t complain. my cup is half full, and am excited about hitting the pool hard and really eating RIGHT….RIGHT, meaning the way i KNOW i should…no exceptions…school is coming soon and i really need to get serious, because i know the business law class is going to want to drive me to chocolate and chili cheese fries. but steady is my hand…:: looks around :: with the encouragement from you chicks, thanks!

hope everyone had a MAGNIFICENT MONDAY!

August 18-22

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so as i said before mini goals for the month is 2 lbs a week, hopefully this week i’ll do 3, to make up the lb i didn’t lose last week….i’m optimistic about it, wish me luck! 🙂

August 18, 2008

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SWIM: 2,000 yards or 1828 meters 🙂 (yay back in the swing of things, thanks for all the sweet encouragement!)

one of THOSE days…

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i didn’t workout today, due to an injury i incurred last night on my bike.  when i was riding with princess, i lost balance and slammed my pinky toe into the cement wall, trying to save my bike from scratching.  last night it throbbed pretty bad, but i didn’t get as much pain as i did last night when i got out of the shower. amazing what some hot water and soap reveal…lol…its always after the shower when you feel your muscles pounding, or injuries start to actually HURT. so last night i had the hubby look at it, looks like i took off about half of the top layer of my nail. 🙁  so i put some meds on it with a bandaid and prayed it would be good to go today with the pool. as brave as i was i tried, and it was just too painful, couldn’t handle it. so i came home put on my shoes to see if i could jog and didn’t get far at all before it started to hurt as well. so i took today off and instead did 300 crunches. : sighs : a bit disappointed since i’ve done so well this entire week, but at the same time, the break was more than welcome. 🙂

i was able to catch some lunch and a movie with a gf from high school. she looks amazing! she was never chunky, just a bit thick, its funny when i look back at it now, it was as if she still had “baby fat” in high school. 🙂  anyway she’s in a masters program at USC, and she looks awesome! she sd she’s on a student’s diet, lol which, everyone knows is just the cheap and minimal stuff, but that’s what i’m on and i don’t look like her. : sighs : she hadn’t seen me in about 6 months too, and i thought for sure she would mention that i look like i lost some, but then again, 6 months to now and just 15 lbs down, i guess i’ll have to wait to hit my 25 lb goal first before she says anything. :shrugs:

i’m not sure of what to make for dinner tonight, normally the hubby orders out, so that i don’t have to cook, which is nice. 🙂  well, i hope everyone had a FABULOUS FRIDAY and have great plans for the weekend, even if it is RESTING! hugs to everyone!

August 14, 2008

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SWIM: 2000 yards or 1828 meters

BIKE RIDE: 4 miles

i LOVE water!

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especially on HOT and humid days like this….who would have thunk in so. cal it would be this humid!  jeez louise…did my swim today (2000 yards) but decided instead of taking Princess (one of my four dogs) for a jog I’d go on the bike and drop off the drycleaning and run a quick errand to the store; surprisingly she did EXTREMELY well, so I was very pleased. 🙂  I dropped her off and then went to the bank to make a deposit and then back to the gym to sign my Grandma up under as a family add on for her bday. 🙂  She was completely thrilled and thankful for it.  She cracks me up and keeps me going; she’s going to turn 79 in October, and she has a heart and mind of a 25 year old, she can definately keep up with the best of em.  So I admire her for her spirit and her healthy body, thought what would have been a better treat then a gym pass. She’ll probably end up showing me up in the pool. hehe…

Thank you everyone for your such kind words and encouragement. 🙂  I appreciate everyone of you and always look forward to reading as many of your blogs as I possibly can.  Hugs to all and I hope everyone has a TREMENDOUSLY FUN THURSDAY 🙂

Feel like a real swimmer :)

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After this morning’s swim I feel like a professional swimmer; but oddly enough swimming next to the “early bird swimmers” I still feel like I don’t pan up against them.  Maybe that’s because they end up doing free-style the entire time, and I like to switch it up so I don’t get bored? 🙂  Whatever convinces me that I’m doing a good job right?  I decided after yesterday’s disappointment of not being able to do the 2nd 1300 yards, I’d push myself to do it all upfront in one sitting…or shall i say…swimming? lol jk…yesterday i didn’t give up the 2nd time because I was exhausted (although I really was really tired), it was because some stupid high schoolers got in and just started playing around, not doing any swimming in their lane at all!  Really frustrating, because as you can imagine you’re trying to breathe through one side, and get waves of chlorinated water in your mouth, just isn’t fun.  I just got fed up after the 550 yards that I decided to give it up and walk away before I got a nasty mouth with a potential in getting escorted out of the gym.  :o/

I’m exhausted right now, had 2 eggs, tomatoes, onions and 1 eggo for breakfast with a cup of coffee.  So far 80 oz of water and am starting to get hungry for lunch, so thinking about making a salad again, although I’m so tired that I don’t feel like chopping up anything, lol.  LAZY!

I applied to many admin positions I found on craigslist, so I’m hoping I hear back from one of them soon; we’re in dire need of me finding a part-time job, so any prayers would help 🙂  well enough about those worries, hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!

August 13, 2008

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SWIM: 2000 yards or 1828 meters

JOG: 1.5 miles

200 crunches

Aug 11-17

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This is my mini goal for this week….

so i didn’t hit the goal, by 1 lb, but i’m staying positive b/c i know i could have done MUCH better with the food choices this past weekend, no one to blame but myself! Cup is STILL half full…. 🙂

I’m hurting today…

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I’m feeling the impact of yesterday’s exercises, so I guess that’s good for today. 🙂  At the same time, It’s making me lazy, I’ve accomplished what I did yesterday again today, my goal is to go back for another swim (same distance and strokes) for lunchtime.  I actually made that commitment to myself last night as I lay in bed.  I just ate breakfast (my 2 eggos with some jelly) and had 80 oz of water already, and am working on my next 40 right now.  I also have already set together my lunch…a yummy salad: onions, iceberg lettuce, corn, tomatoes, green onions, grilled chicken breast and some vinegrette.  I realize to some that’s a bit blah, but to me it’s just perfect. 🙂

I don’t want to burn myself out with exercises, but at the same time I want to take advantage of the spare time and motivation I have right now; so I guess all this workout time isn’t so bad right?  I should definately be able to hit my goal of 25 lbs on Sep 18th….:: crosses fingers ::

each night the hubby asks what my goals are for the following day, when i tell him, the morning of he reminds me of the reason why I’m pushing so hard, and how great of a job I’m doing.  He is constantly complementing me and encouraging me to get out there and complete the exercises that I set myself out to do, so it only helps me. I’m blessed to have such a supportive hubby; LOL which makes me think I better take advantage of it, from what I hear from my parents it dies down after so many years of marriage…but then again my parents have been married for 30 years, so… 🙂

hope everyone is having a TERRIFIC TACO TUESDAY! 🙂

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