I started exercising

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Despite my enthusiasm to start blogging again, I have not managed to post for almost three weeks since. Initially I was busy at work catching up on the back-log, having been out travelling for a month. And then with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai I was too caught up in the whole emotional upheaval. We were right in the middle of the attacks and lived through (heard from our house) every blast and every round of firing. It was horrible. So many lives lost, uselessly. So many people affected, some of my relatives had very close escapes.

Anyways, to get back to the point of this blog. I cheated like crazy because of all the stress. It was an E3 week (emotional-eating-extreme week).

Have tried to control since last weekend. My weight has been fluctuating between 176 and 178. So at least I am down a few pounds since I returned.

On a positive note, I started exercising. Thankfully.

I have decided to do the c25k program. Don’t know anybody who does it India so I’m still a little unclear about it. I have downloaded the programme from coolrunning.com. But the funda of three days a week (a total of one and half hours in a week) seems too little exercise to make any difference. But am going to try it and then increase the frequency accordingly.

So, today I did the second day of week 1. I was feeling a little sore in some places but I pushed myself. Am quite proud that I have actually managed to put in two days of exercise this week. I am going to try and stick to this. Wish me luck.

And if you have any info/ tips to give me on running, I would be grateful.

Back to the old drawing board

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Here I go again. I was out of station for 4 weeks and my weight has slipped back, A LOT.  I weighed in at 181 pounds today (Yikes!) which means I am back to what I was two months back.
I need to restart my efforts, full swing. I need to control my diet- which means strictly back to SBD. Will try and stick to the second phase this week and start the first phase of SBD again for two weeks from next Monday. I will have redefine by goals again. Shall keep it for the next post.

Pleasant surprises

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Daily weigh-ins are not advisable, but who cares really! So I weighed myself today and surprise surprise, my weight settled in at around 176 pounds. And I was cribbing about it yesterday. This means that I may still be able to achieve my targets, and if not by Nov 1, I can certainly make up by Dec. So here’s looking forward to achieving targets and more.
Oh I must mention that am wearing a black top with an old skirt today at work, and when I emerged from my room in the morning my father looked at me so proudly and said that I was looking stunning. I love that word. Stunning!
And so my reason for today is…
Reason no 19.: So I can look stunning in my old (faded) clothes

Eleventh week weigh in

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A day late, but am going to post it nevertheless. And its bad news, yet again. My weight fluctuated a bit but settled in at 179.5 pounds, the same as last week. I need to really get my butt moving now. Enough is enough. All my goals have absolutely gone haywire. How on earth am I going to touch 154 pounds in time for my brother’s wedding if I keep fluctuating in the late 170s, just short of touching 180! I need to snap out of this lethargy. I can, of course, make many excuses. I finally shifted out of the house I shared with my husband for a year and a half. It has been emotionally and physically exhausting. I have cried, wallowed in self-pity and generally been depressed. But emotional bingeing has never helped me, and it won’t this time either. The only way I’ll get better is by loving myself and looking after myself. And I will. This is my life. And life is short. Nothing is worth wasting away any one moment of it. And I need to get back on my feet. I need to survive, to live.
I’ll be leaving for a month’s project this weekend. And I hope this will not translate into weight gain. I shall control my diet as far as possible, and I will also start walking there. I may not be able to post while I’m there. And even if I post I may not be able to weigh myself. I guess I’ll figure out a way to do it, if I really want to. As is said, where there is a will, there is a way. Signing off, for today.
Today’s reason for losing weight.
Reason no.18 : Because… I want to live.

Tenth week weigh in

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I haven’t posted for quite a while. I’ve been too busy and too lazy to post. Last week was a long four-day weekend (took a couple of days off as my brother came to visit). Also, as it was my birthday last Thursday, we had an extended birthday celebration. As a result, my tenth week weigh-in showed an increase. I weighed in at 179.5 pounds, which is a pity as I’d touched 176 last Tuesday. Anyways, I’m back to behaving myself and sticking to the diet. I am yet to start exercising. I’d told myself that I’d start after my periods but I finished with it last week and I’m still not exercising. Maybe next Monday I shall start.

Am feeling a little nervous about continuing my weight loss because I’ll be traveling and working out of another city for 3 weeks starting end of October, which means it’ll be extremely difficult for me to either keep a control over my diet, or even to exercise. I hope I don’t put back the weight (losing further maybe too much to ask under the circumstances).

While I want to keep losing weight, I’ve been feeling really really tired to make any effort. I thought this was just a phase but it’s already been two-three weeks of feeling this indifferent. Except for last week, I’ve more or less stuck to the diet, but that also I’ve done because its simply become a habit to eat that way. I am feeling tired or indifferent to do anything different or anything more. When will I snap out of this?

Ninth week weigh-in

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Haven’t felt like doing much in the past week. I have tried to stick to the diet as far as possible. Had some rice one day and some bread (fondue) one day. Apart from that I’ve been pretty straight except that I have not been blogging. . The thing is that I’m going through a personal upheaval and have been feeling too restless to do anything, especially post. Also, the fact that I had been pms-ing couldn’t have helped. Thankfully, I got my periods yesterday, which means I am at my most bloated these couple of days.  I had my ninth week weigh in and I’m still at 178 pounds which was my weight last Monday. Either I haven’t lost anything (which is ok I guess) or I have and I’ll weigh lighter when my periods get over.

Signing off today. I’m too restless to write anything more. Hopefully I’ll be out of this soon.

Eighth-week weigh-in

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Weighed myself today morning, after completing 8 weeks on the South Beach Diet. I thought I might see an increase. I have been drinking more than my allowed 2-glasses of wine limit. And I had 2 scoops of diet-lite chocolate ice-cream on Friday. Hardly got any sleep last week and didn’t manage to make-up too much over the weekend (less sleep is supposed to add to water-retention). And of course, I have still not started exercising. All of these ‘cheats’ add up to reasons for a gain on Monday morning. And….. I didn’t. I have lost further. I weighed in at 178 pounds. Oh the elusive 170s! And that, my friends, is only 2 pounds away from my Oct 1 target, which suddenly sounds achievable. Difficult, but not improbable. Man, it’s so exciting. I would be afraid to weigh myself next week. What if this was just an aberration and next week I am back to the 180s. Also, next week I shall be pmsing again, which definitely means weight gain on the scales. Anyways, I will not let next week take away the joy of this week.

When I started 8 weeks back, I was at around 194 pounds. My initial aim is to get down to 154 pounds by Feb 1 2009, which is a total weight loss of 40 pounds. I have lost 16 pounds so far. That means I have achieved 40% of my target (My eventual target will be another 15-20 pounds, but I can go slow on that.) And 40% sounds pretty good to me. I know it’ll keep getting tougher now that the initial weight loss is done. But I take heart in the fact that I have still not started exercising. That seems to me like my secret weapon, which I will use when the enemy is down. After all, this whole weight-loss is a battle. One that I have been fighting for many many years.

Now, I should definitely start exercising. It’s the only way I will lose any more weight. I have to. I have to.

Today’s reason for weight-loss.                                                                                 

Reason no 17: So I am below 80 kgs (176 pounds) for my 30th birthday on Oct 2nd.

Seventh week weigh-in

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My weight today is between 180.5 and 179.5 pounds. So we’ll just average it out to 180, which my dear ladies (and gentlemen?) is a loss! I was around 193.5/194 when I started out seven weeks back, which means a total loss of almost 14 pounds! This, considering I haven’t been exercising at all is pretty damn good.

Today at work, at least three people commented that I had noticeably lost weight. One girl (over and above the three people) said that I lose weight every time she sees me. I am in seventh heaven. I sent a before-after picture comparison of me wearing the same shirt to my family. It had yesterday’s picture vis-à-vis April’s picture which is representative of how I looked 7 weeks back. Actually I may have even been worse 7 weeks earlier as I was a few pounds heavier as compared to April. And my brother who’s not seen me in a couple of months messaged me saying that I had really lost weight. I told him that I wanted to look good at his wedding in February. Yay!

I was supposed to start walking today, but I had so much exercise yesterday (walked about 40 minutes and took pictures standing for around 3 hours) and less sleep last night (around 3 hours only) that I thought I deserved the rest. Hopefully I’ll get enough sleep tonight so I’ll be able to get up on time for my walk tomorrow.


Today’s reason losing weight.

Reason no 14: So even when the compliments stop rolling in, I feel complimented.

(Did that even make sense?)

End of week blahs

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I know I should stay away from mid-week weigh-ins. I am a fool, who makes the same mistake again and again. And whoever said that history repeats itself. The last mid-week weigh-in I had lost almost 3 pounds and today morning’s weigh-in I have put it all back. I am at 182.5. I feel so frustrated. How on earth will I ever achieve my Oct 1 target of 176 pounds? And when I had started I had felt so positive about reaching that goal. And it was a very do-able goal, not ambitious at all. So basically the last three weeks have been no weight loss at all. The only silver lining on the cloud is that I have not put on any more weight.

On a more positive note… My father and mother both complimented me today morning. I am wearing a new top and my jeans (which is finally not tight on me). My dad said “Now that you’ve lost some weight, you’re looking so much better”. And that was just so cool. I have to, have to lose more weight. The weighing scales better start behaving. I am so nervous about standing on those damn scales.

God, please give me the strength to battle my laziness, lethargy and constant tiredness so I am able to start exercising. I have to. And I know I can.


Today’s reason for losing weight:

Reason no 13: So I can stand on the scales without fear.

Week six Weigh-in

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I weighed in at 182.5- 183 this morning. I have put on weight! Maybe it is fluctuations, which are supposedly normal. But I think it might be the colossal cheating/binging over the weekend. I had a product launch on Saturday evening and there was crazy amount of work and stress for the last few days. I did try hard to control myself. But after the launch (successful, if I may add) there was just so much relief and I could feel the stress (and adrenaline) flowing out of my body that I just needed to spoil myself. And so… I had some passion fruit cheesecake, mixed berries cheesecake, caramel custard, chocolate mousse and one scoop chocolate ice-cream. Yeah I know! I am terrible. And then I went out for lunch with the family yesterday and though I did manage to stay away from the carbs I had one big bowl of chocolate mousse (eggless and sugar-free) and some sugar-free jelly. Sugar-free or not, this has been an absolutely sinful weekend. And now that I am on Monday, I am going to go back to my serious mode.

I had intended to start my walking today and I put the alarm as well. But when the alarm rang I was just feeling so tired that I switched it off and went back to sleep. While I realize that my body needs rest as I have been overdoing things I really need to start exercising. Today, maybe I’ll read up on the c25k plan. Sounds interesting and maybe if I have a plan I’ll be more focused about the exercising bit as well.

Oh I did manage to take some time off yesterday to buy myself a fabulous pair of pants (which make me look slimmer).

Back to work now and may the rest of you have a good week.


Today’s reason…

Reason no 10: So I need not buy pants that make me look slimmer, just pants that make me look the way I am (hot and slim)

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