March has been a fabulous month.

We all completed the Eileen’s March challenge FINALLY. I have earned a total of 59 stars. I had four cheat days and 5 days of absolutely no exercise. BUT I have lost more than 6.5 lbs in this month. That’s amazing for me as that’s the highest I have lost in a month where I didn’t crash diet.

My target was 168 lbs for April 1st. I am at 166 (I’d gone down to 165 but the scale has been showing 166 for the last couple of days)


Anyways, since I have been going faster than the targets I’d set for myself, I am re-looking at my weight loss targets for the next three months. Here goes:

May 1- 162.5

June 1- 158.5

July 1 – 154

Again, as always, I have not kept very ambitious targets. I am off for a three-day work related awards-fest where I will eat, drink, be merry (and come back a few pounds heavier I’m sure). Also, am planning a 2-week holiday in May-June, which will again mean no exercise and not much control/choice on food. So I really hope I can achieve my targets. Like I said my targets are very doable. And maybe if I have another good month like March, I’ll reach 154 lbs even before July 1.

🙂 I’m a happy girl today

Weight: 166 lbs

Exercise: 65 mins cardio  (arc + treadmill + cycle ) + 10 mins abs & stretches + 15 mins walk