Weight fluctuations can be fun

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Today’s been pretty relaxed. Went to the gym like the good girl I am. Today was weights and I am really enjoying it, specially because I do like 15 reps for 30 seconds and rest for 2 mins and start again. So by the end of it I just don’t feel like I have exercised. But apparently I am, or at least that’s what the trainer’s assured me.

My extra two pounds of yesterday has dropped as miraculously as it appeared. I kind of like¬†such fluctuations. The joy of seeing your weight drop after a day of sheer frustration is something else. And don’t I just sound like a complete masochist. ūüôā

Weight: 172 pounds

Exercise: 10 mins elliptical + 45 mins strength training + 5 mins stretches + 15 min walk to gym

Picture time

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This picture was taken a few days back. I am tip-toeing and stretching¬†so my upper body looks really¬†really long. But I don’t look that¬†fat. So, yay!


Unexplained weight gain

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Went to the gym in the morning. And though in the past I’ve always been very enthusiastic in the first couple of weeks (so my enthusiasm this time is not surprising), I’m still happy that I am pushing myself to be regular. The disappointing bit is that I weighed in 2 pounds heavier today morning. I don’t understand why. I have not cheated on food and I have been exercising. Unless, for some reason my muscles are retaining water from exercising or something. Is that even biologically possible? Anyways, I’m not going to let myself get demotivated. I am going to push myself.

From today onwards I am going to post my weight and exercise everyday. Hopefully it’ll help.

Oh and I have decided to take on Eileen’s¬† (http://3fatchicks.com/diet-blogs/eileen2blean/) challenge. And yay! It is exciting, and definitely a good reason to keep one in control.

Weight: 174

Exercise: 50 mins of cardio + abs + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym

Just because… it doesn’t mean…

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Today was strength training day at the gym. As it was my first day, I did very little. And most of the exercises were just one set. I guess slow and steady is the best way to do it. It was basically a very relaxed session, but I did get pretty irritated with the trainer. He was making me do stretches and I was doing this strange stretch when I said that I felt it in my shoulders. And he said ‘You’re supposed to feel it in your shoulders, not in your head’. Now I don’t know whether it is PMS (or maybe some¬†new ‘exercise’ hormones in my body) but I did get offended. Really, his comment and tone were uncalled for.

I don’t know about you guys, but I have noticed that men treat thin (sexy) women very differently from fat (un-sexy women). Seriously, in all probability my trainer wouldn’t make such disparaging statements to a slim girl. I hate the fact that men just put you into brackets based on your body size.


So, to whom it may concern, please note that just because I am fat it does not mean

1. I have a thick skin and I don’t get hurt

2. Just because I look fat and jovial, I can laugh off all the jokes you make at my expense

3. I am easy and you’re doing me favour by giving me attention, just because you think that I would be grateful for anything I get

4. I will waddle on the dance floor. (Ask me to dance and I’ll show you how graceful I am, and that I’m a much better dancer than you)

5. I will welcome uninvited weight loss advice. ‘Don’t eat chocolates and ice-creams’. ‘You should exercise’. ‘Pants make your butt look big’. Thank you,¬†I didn‚Äôt know¬†that already!

6. I don’t like wearing horizontal stripes

7. I like being hugged all the time. Really! Big breasts don’t come with welcome notes attached.

8. I am unattractive

Yours angrily,



On a more positive note, I did manage to wake up at 6:30 am and drag myself to the gym, despite sleeping after 1:30 am.

Get set and go!

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Hello hello. I am in a happy happy mood. I finally joined the gym and today was my first day. I took it slow today – 20 mins treadmill at 5 kph, 15 mins cycling and 15 mins of cross-trainer (or whatever its called) and some mins of stretching (cool down). This is not including the 15 min walk to the gym (I took a cab on the way back. I was late for office and tired out. Besides, I didn’t want to reach office¬†and collapse like¬†an overburdened fat cow.

Oh, but I did enjoy the exercise. It amazes me, really, how much I do enjoy exercising (after it‚Äôs done) and yet it is¬†such a task to get me moving. You know I have been talking about doing something for the past 6 months and finally got around to joining the gym only now. The problem is that I start enthusiastically but can never sustain the momentum. And I have started and left exercising so many times in the last 10 years that I could just not motivate myself to start this time. But now that I have, I’m glad!

Weight today: 172 pounds

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