Today was strength training day at the gym. I was doing lateral extensions (or something that sounds that fancy) and the trainer kept telling me ‘Chest up, chest up, chest up’. I got so frustrated I wanted to tell him “I am thirty and my chest is sagging, I can’t help it. Yes, I would love to have my 21 yr old chest back and trust me that was UP” So anyways, I just gritted my teeth and put my chest as up as possible. Seriously, I am looking better now than I have in many many years, but I can’t deny the sagging, the wrinkles, and the cellulite. Ah well, I can wear clothes that cover the cellulite and an underwire bra and keep smiling so that people think my wrinkles are just laugh lines. Hee hee (I am smiling already). Have a good day everybody.

Weight: 171.5 pounds

Exercise: 10 mins elliptical + 30 mins strength training + 20 mins treadmill + stretches + 15 min walk to gym