Mid-week weigh-ins rock!

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Today is a happy happy day. I weighed myself today morning, though I’d told myself that I wouldn’t weigh mid-week. But the no-weight loss on Monday on my last weigh-in was so disappointing that I wanted to check just once more if I have lost any weight or not, as I was feeling better/lighter. And wonder of wonder. My weight was between 180.5 and 181. Yippee! That’s three pounds down from Monday. And though I have still not started exercising, I think I will now. If thus doesn’t get be motivated then nothing will. I will not aim to start it tomorrow and day after as I have a very busy weekend scheduled at work and I don’t want to attempt something that I won’t be able to do. So starting Monday I shall start walking. I think at this point any exercise is good. Yay again! I just can’t control my glee. And though I’m still behind my targets (I’d aimed to touch 180 on Sept 1) I think that the going is pretty good.


Today’s reason for losing weight:

Reason no 9: To always feel as light-weighted and light-hearted as I do today.

I need to do this

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There are people who believe that there is a reason for everything. Everything happens for a reason. I don’t know what could be the reason for my being a fat person ever since I remember. I was a fat kid who became a slim youth for a couple of years and then became the fat slob that I am now. I don’t know what is the reason that my being fat serves or what good has come out of it. Is it that I am to learn lessons in humility, rejection, judgments, etc.? I really don’t know. My marriage is over. Not on paper, but in his and my mind and heart. And yet through the difficult last month I’ve tried to stick to this weight-loss resolve as far as I could. I need something to hold on to at this time and to channel all my hurt, sadness into something positive. Maybe, the good that will come out of all this that I will finally feel good about myself!

Today’s reason… Reason no. 8: So something good comes out of the worst time of my life.

Fifth week weigh-in

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It’s been a horrible horrible beginning to the week. It first started with the weigh-in yesterday morning. No change at all. Am at around 184 pounds. That’s four pounds more than my planned target. Secondly, I had intended to start exercising yesterday. If nothing, then at least walking. I didn’t even do that. No exercise today either. And the worst today I had more than 10 biscuits- two choco-chip cookies, three pineapple cream biscuits, three salty-sweet biscuits, two butter-cashew cookies. I think that’s it, give or take a few biscuits. How could I? Don’t I have any shame? Not only have I not lost any weight for the last two weeks, I am not exercising and I am binging like it’s my last week on planet earth. I have to snap out of this mood at any cost. Today around 4-5 people told me that I was looking noticeably slimmer.  That should motivate me to move towards my goal rather than get stuck and behave like an imbecile fool. I have never managed to stick to something for long, but this time I have to. Just to prove to myself I can do it.


Reason no 7: To have faith in my self-worth.

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