Yesterday was a feast at home, but I managed to not overdo the food bit. I was fairly proud of myself. They do say that pride comes before a fall. But no falling as yet. Unless you consider the fact that I (yet again) did not manage to get up in the morning (for a walk) a fall.

You know, yesterday at work I was feeling pretty good about how I was looking. Not slim, by any angle, but pretty damn good. And then I realised that two years ago, when I was at the same weight as I am now, I used to feel so FAT. Don’t get me wrong, I realise I am still fat. But then I felt fatter at the same weight as I do now. How is that ever possible? Is that why I am happy with a 150 pounds target and six years back when I was actually 150 I felt like I was the fattest person around. I don’t understand. Maybe once you become really fat, you’re ok with being a little less fat. Whatever that means!


Today’s reason for losing weight…

Reason no 12: To look great, not just ‘not fat’