I weighed in at 182.5- 183 this morning. I have put on weight! Maybe it is fluctuations, which are supposedly normal. But I think it might be the colossal cheating/binging over the weekend. I had a product launch on Saturday evening and there was crazy amount of work and stress for the last few days. I did try hard to control myself. But after the launch (successful, if I may add) there was just so much relief and I could feel the stress (and adrenaline) flowing out of my body that I just needed to spoil myself. And so… I had some passion fruit cheesecake, mixed berries cheesecake, caramel custard, chocolate mousse and one scoop chocolate ice-cream. Yeah I know! I am terrible. And then I went out for lunch with the family yesterday and though I did manage to stay away from the carbs I had one big bowl of chocolate mousse (eggless and sugar-free) and some sugar-free jelly. Sugar-free or not, this has been an absolutely sinful weekend. And now that I am on Monday, I am going to go back to my serious mode.

I had intended to start my walking today and I put the alarm as well. But when the alarm rang I was just feeling so tired that I switched it off and went back to sleep. While I realize that my body needs rest as I have been overdoing things I really need to start exercising. Today, maybe I’ll read up on the c25k plan. Sounds interesting and maybe if I have a plan I’ll be more focused about the exercising bit as well.

Oh I did manage to take some time off yesterday to buy myself a fabulous pair of pants (which make me look slimmer).

Back to work now and may the rest of you have a good week.


Today’s reason…

Reason no 10: So I need not buy pants that make me look slimmer, just pants that make me look the way I am (hot and slim)