Today is a happy happy day. I weighed myself today morning, though I’d told myself that I wouldn’t weigh mid-week. But the no-weight loss on Monday on my last weigh-in was so disappointing that I wanted to check just once more if I have lost any weight or not, as I was feeling better/lighter. And wonder of wonder. My weight was between 180.5 and 181. Yippee! That’s three pounds down from Monday. And though I have still not started exercising, I think I will now. If thus doesn’t get be motivated then nothing will. I will not aim to start it tomorrow and day after as I have a very busy¬†weekend scheduled at work and I don’t want to attempt something that I won’t be able to do. So starting Monday I shall start walking. I think at this point any exercise is good. Yay again! I just can’t control my glee. And though I’m still behind my targets (I’d aimed to touch 180 on Sept 1) I think that the going is pretty good.


Today’s reason for losing weight:

Reason no 9: To always feel as light-weighted and light-hearted as I do today.