There are people who believe that there is a reason for everything. Everything happens for a reason. I don’t know what could be the reason for my being a fat person ever since I remember. I was a fat kid who became a slim youth for a couple of years and then became the fat slob that I am now. I don’t know what is the reason that my being fat serves or what good has come out of it. Is it that I am to learn lessons in humility, rejection, judgments, etc.? I really don’t know. My marriage is over. Not on paper, but in his and my mind and heart. And yet through the difficult last month I’ve tried to stick to this weight-loss resolve as far as I could. I need something to hold on to at this time and to channel all my hurt, sadness into something positive. Maybe, the good that will come out of all this that I will finally feel good about myself!

Today’s reason… Reason no. 8: So something good comes out of the worst time of my life.