Though I’d told myself that I would check my weight only once a week, the one-notch tighter belt tempted me to check my weight. I have not lost any more since my last weight-in. Not a bit! It is kind of disappointing. But then, it was silly of me to expect sudden miracles. On the other hand, I am PMSing right now and I do typically bloat up during this period. So maybe, just maybe, I have lost something and it’s not showing because of the water-retention. I guess that’s just wishful thinking. Oh well! Anything to get me going.

On a positive note, I met a friend after 3 weeks and she said that I was looking visibly slimmer. Yay! I sure hope it continues. My friend’s not so nice husband is always cynical every time I mention that I am going on a diet (and yeah, that’s happened many times and never led to sustaining weight-loss). But her husband can really be irritating, especially when he gives the knowing smirk. Well this time, I shall show him!

Today’s reason:

Reason no. 3: To prove my friend’s husband wrong