I have not managed to post for the past four days. The first two days, I was busy with a shoot. Yesterday was spent taking my dog to the vet and then meetings at work. Today being a Sunday, I’ve just been pure lazy.

GUILTY: I have cheated majorly on my diet. I have gone through three 100g chocolate bars and one packet of sugar-free sweets. Though the chocolate as well as the sweets were low-fat, so much of it couldn’t have been good. Also, the two days of the shoot I had outside food and also gave in to the temptation of cheese sandwich both days. Today I also had a small bowl of vanilla ice-cream. Cheat cheat cheat! I weighed myself in the morning. Am at 183.5 pounds and almost 4 pounds away from the target I had planned for this month end. God only knows how my cheating will affect my weight.

Anyways, no point in crying over what’s been done. I must now resolve harder to loose weight. I need to start exercising. Otherwise I don’t think I will see any more reduction in weight. And it would be great to be in the 170s by my birthday in October.

Here’s to going back to track with a bang, starting now.

Good (weight-loss) day all!