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30 Sep, 2011

School is taking a tole on me

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I was looking back at some of my earlier posts at the beginning of August.  I had so much enthusiasm about getting healthy and making my goals.  And then it just all of a sudden stopped and I got serious with everything.  School had started.  I have been stressing so badly over some of my […]

18 Sep, 2011

Lazy Sunday

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It’s about 8:30am here on a Sunday morning.  Me and DS are hanging out right now.  He’s playing a video game and I’m just chillin’.  I am planning on going to the gym this morning, or maybe the track to do day 3 of week 2 of c25k.  I have heard that it’s harder to […]

31 Aug, 2011

September Goals

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– Lose 8 lbs which will put me at 217.2. – this will put me under my first reward goal!  When I get to  220, I am going to buy myself a new book series. – Only weigh-in weekly instead of daily. – Drink at least 64 oz. of water daily. – Either walk or […]

29 Aug, 2011

Back on track…

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Man, this weekend was rough.  I ate, and ate, and ate, and ate.  And it was mostly salty foods on top of that.  So, yes, my weight was up this morning and I’m expecting a gain for tomorrow.  I will be VERY surprised if I am lower than I was last week.  So, I just […]

21 Aug, 2011

I must share!

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DH asked me today if I was losing weight!!  Just wanted to share since we really don’t talk about it.  He said that it looked like I was.  So, NSV??  Yep, I think so!

18 Aug, 2011


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I was just finding me some clothes to wear today and I pulled out a pair of 16’s that’s been hiding in my closet for a couple of years.  I have tried them on a couple of months ago and they were no where near getting buttoned.  Weeellll, they got buttoned today!!  They were still […]